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January 2015 Hottest Dog Photo Contest

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This month's winner is Charlotte, who 'loves looking at the camera' according to lucky owner Bill K. She is seen on our contest page sporting a Green Daisy Dog Collar, one of our all time best sellers!".  Enter your Hot Dog into the Contest here

Your photos have a chance to be displayed on our package inserts, on our Facebook page with over 100,000 followers, on our hot new Instagram account, on a Twitter account being picked up by popular online newspapers, and of course you could win a $50 Gift Certificate to HotDogCollars.com.  Check out all the details at our Hottest Dog Photo Contest.








The Hottest Dog Photo Contest is more than just a simple contest where you can win $50 in Hot Dog store credit.  It's an application to become an ambassador of all things Hot Dog.  We'll feature your dogs on our social media sites to millions of fans, place them on the cover of our catalogs and order inserts, and show off your proud pups as the stars you know them to be.

Save our Blog into your bookmarks, or follow us on Twitter (link below), and check back often to see some exciting new ways that we'll be featuring our fan photos

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