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Veterans Charity Challenge - Help us Support Pets For Patriots!

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We're proud to support Pets For Patriots in the Veterans Charity Challenge 3, a fundraising campaign that could make many more incredible stories possible.

It all starts TODAY, May 21st, with donations totaling $25,000 to organizations like Pets for Patriots. The organization that raises the most during the Challenge will get a $10,000 donation.

$10,000 would fully fund 40 veteran-pet adoptions, including pre-adoption counseling, a generous contribution towards 'welcome home' pet essentials, and extensive post-adoption follow up. Just think: 40 more amazing, Kleenex-worthy veteran-pet adoption stories.

Last year Pets For Patriots missed third place by a whisker, and are even more determined to win this year. But they really need your help.

How you can help right now

Set up a fundraiser on our dedicated Challenge page and reach out to your network of supporters. Imagine the impact we could have if our friends, like you, pitched in to help.

It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser. Just visit this link and click 'Fundraise for this campaign.' To make it a success:

  1. Update it with the story of why you are a Pets for Patriots fan; the more personal and compelling, the more likely you are to get donations
  2. Add pictures and videos to your page to illustrate why our cause means so much to you
  3. Share it with everyone you know when the Challenge starts on May 21st at 12 noon ET, and start raising money

If for some reason you can't fundraise for our campaign, please  click here and give whatever you can. Every donation made between May 21st and July 2nd on our dedicated page makes a difference.

Be sure to  check out our RUFF program here to learn more about Pets For Patriots

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