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About Us

Family Owned & Operated.

85%+ of our products are made and/or assembled in the USA!

95% of our products ship within 24 hours

Over 30000 styles, colors, sizes of dog collars and other pet products... and growing.

HotDogCollars.com is THE place to Personalize Your Pet. We are US Based, family owned business specializing in MADE IN THE USA dog collars, ID tags, and awwwsome pet accessories
Call us at 1.888.635.3647 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST or email us
[photo of Bunker]
Our Story
What is your pets personality?  Calm and laid back?  Hyper and ready to PLAY?  The "Protector", the "Follower", the "lick your hand until you pet them some more"? Our pets are part of our family, each with their own unique personality.  Hot Dog Collars was founded on this belief, and our mission is to enhance the lives of both the pet and the family through fun and unique pet accessories.

Since our humble beginnings at mall kiosks in Jacksonville, Florida, to our expansion as the worldwide online leader for dog collars, we have helped spoil over 1,000,000 pets. Still privately owned and operated, our mission is to help you make your four legged friend(s) happy. After all, their sole job seems to be to put a smile on our face

We invite you in to HotDogCollars.com to share an important part of your family. But also to share our journey to find and supply the best Dog Collars, Pet ID Tags, Sports Gear, and all around fun stuff for your pet. By the way, say hi to Bunker, the original Hot Dog!

Here's a little story I've got to tell
About one awesome dog you'll know so well It started way back in history
with Bunker the dog and me T-O-Double-D

I had a little puppy named Bunker the Bully
Just me & my doggy and a really fun story
Riding across the land, kicking up sand
Finding awesome pet gear that was in demand...

One small website owner we be
All by ourselves without nobody
The Petcos and Petsmarts beating down on our little website
The competition getting hot and the bills getting tight
Looking for a sale, Bunker with an idea unfurled
She said "I've got personality" and it's time to show the world!