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Why does my dog love his collar?

10/07/22 1:45 PM

Is your dog in love with their collar? Maybe your dog gets super excited at the sight of it, maybe they resist you taking it off, or maybe they become inconsolable when you take the collar off and wait impatiently for you to put it back on. These are a few signs that your dog loves their collar. But why?

Here are some possible reasons your dog loves their collar so much.

Your Dog Associates Their Collar with Walks / Going Outside

If your dog only wears a collar when it’s time for a walk, they may grow to associate the sight of the collar with the expectation of going outside to walk, play, and/or potty. It’s not that they love the dog collar itself, but what their collar represents.

Or with Treats and Training

Similarly, maybe you’re in the midst of teaching your dog a new skill, so when the collar goes on, it means that training – and treats! – come next.

It Means No Bathing /Grooming

Conversely, if your dog is always in their collar and the only time you take it off is before a bath or a haircut, they may become upset for as long as the collar is off. Some dogs hate being groomed and will show apprehension at the first sign that they’re about to be bathed, brushed, or given a haircut. You might mistake this behavior as a love of their collar, when in fact it’s a dislike of what comes next after the collar comes off.

It Smells Familiar

Some dogs wear their collars many hours a day, which means the collar has plenty of time to absorb the odors from your dog’s skin and fur. As you know, dogs have an excellent sense of smell, and they love the comforting smell of familiar things such as their dog bed, your smelly t-shirt, or their dog collar. This might mean that when you take your dog’s collar off, they still want to be near it or carry it around until it goes back on.

It Feels Familiar

You know the feeling when you forget to put on a watch you wear every day? Your wrist feels “naked” and it just doesn’t feel right. It’s possible your dog has the same reaction when their collar is removed if they’re used to wearing it all the time. This could manifest as your dog seeming restless or unhappy until the collar is back on again.

Your Dog is Very Possessive of Their Collar

Your dog may not feel love or affection towards their collar but simply strong feelings of possession. They might resist you (or anyone) trying to take it off, and may even growl, snarl, or snap.

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