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How to clean a leather dog collar

10/17/22 1:46 PM

Like all dog collars, leather dog collars get dirty over time, but how do you clean a leather dog collar right? Here’s how to clean your dog’s leather collar the right way to protect the delicate material and keep it looking great.

How to Clean a Leather Dog Collar

Clean your dog’s leather collar with one of these methods:

Plain water with a microfiber cloth.

Try this first if your dog’s leather collar isn’t too dirty and just needs a refresh. Dip the leather collar into a bowl of warm water and rub away the stains with a soft microfiber cloth that won’t scratch the leather.

Warm water and mild soap and microfiber cloth.

If plain water doesn’t do the trick, add some mild soap and repeat the steps above. Remember to quickly dip the collar in the water – don’t let it soak!

Leather cleaner and microfiber cloth.

The next option is to use a cleaner made specifically for leather, such as saddle soap, which is stronger than mild soap and should work better on tougher stains. There are many leather cleaners on the market, so choose one that looks good to you and follow the directions on the container.

After cleaning, condition the leather (see below) or remove excess moisture with a towel and allow to air dry.

Condition the Leather Dog Collar After Cleaning

Many people skip this step but conditioning leather after cleaning protects it and keeps it looking newer for longer, so it’s worth doing. You can find many leather conditioners in the form of creams, oils, and waxes for sale.

Follow the instructions on your leather conditioner’s container. Most will have you apply the leather conditioner with – you guessed it – a microfiber cloth while the collar is still slightly damp from cleaning.

Don’t Clean a Leather Dog Collar Like This

Here’s what to avoid when cleaning your dog’s leather collar.

Don’t soak a leather dog collar in water.

While soaking in hot water is the go-to step for dog collars that are made from materials like polyester or rope, soaking leather can lead to discoloration or water marks so it should be avoided. For the same reason, you shouldn’t toss a leather dog collar in the washing machine, either.

Don’t use just any cleaner on a leather dog collar.

Think twice before grabbing any cleaner you have around the house to clean your dog’s leather collar. Leather cleaners are formulated to be gentle on leather so as not to cause damage or discoloration. If you’re in doubt whether a particular cleaner is leather safe, do a spot test on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire collar.

Don’t dry a leather dog collar in the sun.

Sunlight is great for drying other kinds of collars – not only does the direct heat help them dry faster, but the UV light may even help sanitize them, too – but it’s not great for leather. Leather left out in direct sunlight too long can dry, crack, and fade.

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