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Does a dog need a collar?

10/24/22 12:44 PM

A dog collar is an essential accessory for every dog – right?

Maybe, maybe not. Here’s what to consider.

Why Your Dog Needs a Collar

Dog collars serve a couple very important functions.

First, dog collars allow you to clip on a leash. 

Most dog collars are designed with a metal D-ring for that purpose. It’s vital to be able to restrain your dog with a leash; even if you typically allow your dog off-leash, there will be times – such as trips to the vet’s office – when you will need to have your dog on a leash.

Second, dog collars provide a place to attach a dog’s ID tags.

Most places require dogs to wear rabies vaccination tag and ID tag when out in public.

However, your dog doesn’t necessarily need a dog collar to accomplish both of these things. There are alternatives.

Why Should My Dog Not Wear a Collar?

A dog collar is a great choice for many, if not most, dogs, as they’re easy to use and effective. However, some dog owners may want to find an alternative to a dog collar for their dog. An alternative might be a better choice for a dog that:

- Has existing injuries to the neck area or trachea that could be exacerbated by a collar

- Is a breed that’s prone to tracheal collapse (like Chihuahuas, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, Pomeranians, and more)

- Pulls excessively on the leash when walking, which can lead to neck abrasion or injury (including injury to the trachea or thyroid gland) from straining

- Simply hates wearing a collar

For these dogs, a dog collar is not the best option.

Alternatives to Your Dog Wearing a Dog Collar

A dog harness is a great alternative to a dog collar. A dog harness allows you to attach a leash as well as your dog’s ID and rabies tags. (Some dog harnesses can be personalized with your dog’s information, too!) Many dog owners love dog harnesses because they can provide good control while walking on a leash without putting pressure on the delicate neck area the way a collar can.

Since a dog harness is not intended to be worn continuously, that means your dog will be without their ID information when they’re not wearing their dog harness. If this concerns you, consider keeping your dog in a small, comfortable dog collar with their ID and rabies tags, and use the dog harness for leash walking.

Microchipping is also a good idea, whether you use a dog collar, a harness, or both. While you shouldn’t consider this your dog’s primary ID information, it is a great backup.

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