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Should I take my dog’s collar off at night?

10/11/22 1:44 PM

Is it okay to leave your dog’s collar on 24/7 or is there a good reason to take it off? Here are a number of reasons for and against removing your dog’s collar at nighttime.

Why You Should Take Your Dog’s Collar Off at Night

There are a few compelling arguments for removing your dog’s collar before they go to sleep at night:

To prevent choking.

It’s heartbreaking to think about, but every year dogs lose their lives when their collar gets caught on something and strangles them. A collar can catch on things like furniture or fencing, or it can get tangled during rough play with another dog. ID tags can become caught between the bars of a wire crate and panic the dog, too. If this happens at night while you’re asleep, you may not know it’s happening. It’s better to remove your dog’s collar at night (or any time they’re unsupervised), especially if they sleep in a wire crate or out of your sight.

To avoid irritation.

Keeping your dog’s collar on without a break increases the likelihood that the collar will chafe the skin or cause hair loss at the neck. This can be uncomfortable for your dog and, if the chafing is bad enough, it can cause raw skin which is more prone to infection. Taking off your dog’s collar for several hours a day gives their neck a break from the friction caused by even a well-fitting collar.

For comfort.

Your dog might simply find it more comfortable to sleep without a collar!

To prevent the jingle jangles.

This isn’t for your dog, but for you. Metal ID tags clanging against each other every time your dog gets up to change position or go get a drink of water at night can be very irritating and disturb your sleep. Removing your dog’s collar at night is a simple solution to the problem. Dog tag protectors that stop tag jingle are another.

Why You Should Leave Your Dog’s Collar on at Night

Here are two reasons in support of leaving your dog’s collar on all night:

For safety.

Some dog owners don’t want their dog to ever be without their collar since that’s where the ID tags are. What if they got lost? If you believe your dog is at risk of running off while you’re asleep – maybe you live with several roommates that are always in and out, have no fence, and your dog likes to escape – then leaving their collar on might be the best move. Otherwise, you can feel secure in taking off their collar overnight. (This is also a good time to point out that microchipping your dog is also a great idea!)

During potty training.

If you’re house training your puppy or dog, leaving their collar on all night means you can quickly snap on their leash when it’s time for a potty break. Another option is to take their regular collar off at bedtime and use aslip leash for quick middle-of-the-night potty trips.

Collar Off or On? It’s Up to You

While there are a couple more compelling reasons to taking your dog’s collar off rather than leaving it on at night, the choice is yours. As always, if you have any concerns about your dog’s health or safety, talk to your vet.

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