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Naming Your New Puppy: 30 Names to Put All Others to Shame

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It’s a new year, and after months of looking online to find the perfect four-legged fur monster for your family, you have found the cutest, most precious pup waiting to be adopted at the local animal shelter. You swear it, it’s like the puppy’s eyes in the photo posted online are pleading with you to bring it into the fold and make it part of your forever family.

how to name your dog You call the shelter and set up an appointment to meet the 13-week-old lab mix. When the shelter volunteer brings the puppy out from the back, you know that you have just met your new fur baby. The little one with the floppy ears and giant paws needs a great name engraved on its dog ID tag, but there are just so many options—you have no idea where to start! Problem solved: start here. Here are 30 names that’ll get you closer to naming your newest furry family member.

Harper: Named for the American literary great Harper Lee. Of Scottish origin, Harper was “someone who played the harp.”

Hash: If your pup loves to eat and sniffs at the ground like a truffle pig looking for scraps, Hash is the perfect name for your new friend. Hash means “Finely chopped food.”

Hermes: Hermes was a Greek god known for his agility and speed. The messenger to Zeus and the other Greek gods, Hermes was the patron god of athletes, merchants and travelers. If your pup loves to go for a morning run and is excellent at a game of fetch, Hermes should be its name!

Hodor: Named for the loveable character of the pop culture HBO hit Game of Thrones, Hodor was a self-sacrificing gentle giant.

Honor: For the dog who obeys and is 100 percent loyal to its family, Honor is a name that champions intelligence, kindness and loyalty.

Hudson: For the handsome (yuppie) dog that loves a good swim, name it for the flowing Hudson River in New York.

Iggy: Named for the American singer-songwriter Iggy Pop, Iggy is the name for a pup with an infectious personality.

India: For the pure bred pup who will do more traveling with its human companion than most people, India is a name of beauty, grace and culture.

Ira: Of Hebrew origin, the name means “watchful.” Ira is an essential name for the dog that guards the home and pays close attention to demands and other critters.

Iris: A remarkably beautiful flower, Iris is a name for the furry little love bug in your life who is calm, quiet and resilient.

Isis: Isis was the Egyptian goddess of nature and the sky. The most powerful of all the Egyptian goddesses, Isis is the name for the dog who loves being outside and going on adventures.

Irma: Meaning “God of War,” Irma is a name for the playful pup who loves a good game of tug-of-war and wrestling with other dogs at the dog park.

Isla: Of Scottish origin, Isla means “island.” Isla is the quintessential name for the dog who enjoys independence and doesn’t need too much cuddle time.

Ivy: For the jumper and hyper puppy, Ivy is a name that will tell others that your pup loves attention and a good belly rub. Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant that thrives in warm sunlight, much like your dog when you give it a scratch behind the ears.

Jagger: Named for the British rock singer of the Rolling Stones, the pup who gets this name is one-of-a-kind (most likely your first dog) with a spritely personality and bounds of energy.

Jarvis: Of Celtic origin, Jarvis means “servant spear.” For the dog who rarely leaves your side and is happiest lying at your feet, Jarvis is the name for a reliable and devoted pooch.

Jemima: Meaning “little dove,” Jemima is an excellent name for the pup who gets a little anxious at the sound of thunder and who likes children on a case-by-case basis.

Jesse: “A gift,” Jesse is a good name for the dog who has changed your life for the better.

Jude: Of Hebrew origin, Jude means “praised.” For the dog that works hard to make you proud puppy pawrent!

Juno: Roman mythology states that Juno is the wife of Jupiter, making her queen of the heavens. The patron goddess of women and marriage, Juno would be a great name for the dog who gets the whole family to sit and laugh at her quirks, like barking at dogs on the T.V.

Kai: Of Greek origin, Kai means “sea.” A wonderful name for the dog who sits poised and possesses excellent motor body function, Kai is an athlete.

Karma: Of Sanskrit origin, Karma means “actions are fate.” Karma will remind you to be good to all creatures and to appreciate what you have—a loyal animal companion.

Kipling: An English surname, Kipling was the surname of the Jungle Book author. A book about courage, fealty and love, Kipling is the name for a pup who loves unconditionally.

Koda: The Dakota Sioux word for “friend” or “my little bear,” Koda would best suit the pup who is at home with other dogs and even cats!

Krishna: Of Sanskrit origin, Krishna is the Hindu god considered (by some Hindu traditions) to be the supreme god. For the dog whose personality seems to shapeshift depending on whether they’re at the dog park or the vet, Krishna is name that tells people the importance your dog has in your life, and how the pup has changed you.

Kyd: An Anglo-Scottish surname, Kyd means “young goat.” The spelling of the word “kyd” could be a play on “kid,” after all, how is your new puppy not one of your own, right?

Krypto: Known as Superdog, Krypto is Superman’s pet dog. For the therapy dog that helps to make you feel good, naming it after a superhero is a great way to show your appreciation of its efforts.

Leif: Of Scandinavian origin, Leif means “descendant.” For many dog owners, our pups are family members, Leif is the name for the pup who fit right in from the very beginning.

Lila: Of Arabic origin, Lila means “night.” For the calm and careful mutt, Lila is a name that’s beautiful, wistful and sweet.

Lincoln: Most associated with Honest Abe, Lincoln is the name for a dog who can do no wrong, even when it digs a hole in your prized tulip patch.

Who knew your dog’s name could be more than Spot, right? For more name suggestions and doggie apparel needs, visit Hot Dog Collars

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