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5 Fun Facts About Boxers

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Tweet: How are Boxer dogs just like cats? Click for that answer and other interesting facts about Boxers! [SOURCE=Hot Dog Collars]5 great facts you may not have known about Boxer Dogs.

  1. Did you know...the common thought that Boxers got their name because they like to stand on their hind legs and "box" is highly unlikely. The more plausible explanation is that the name is derived from a Bavarian word Boxl, also the commonly used and related, endearing term of Boxrl. There is also evidence that early 19th century dogs were named Boxer, indicating that the breed name could have derived from the actual names of individual dogs

  2. The first Boxer officially registered was Flocki, a stud registered in Munich Germany in 1895

  3. Boxer puppies mature very slowly and don't reach true "adulthood" until around age 3!

  4. Boxers have actually been know to clean themselves just like a cat would. But overall they require very little grooming. A simple weekly brushing and occasional rubdown with a chamois cloth will keep shedding under control and a nice shine on their coat

  5. Boxers are popular with the Hollywood crowd including Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, and even the dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan

  6. Have a Boxer dog? Tell us what makes yours so smart, interesting, fun, or lovable! Use the comments below or tweet at us: @HotDogCollars

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