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The Fashionable K-9

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If you’ve been out on the lake or hitting the nature trails with your canine companion recently, you’ve probably noticed other owners and their pups in matching gear. It’s not just during the summer either; dogs seem to be rocking their new outfits year round: Puffy jackets in the winter, long socks in the spring and life jackets in the summer—dog clothing has come to stay.

Want to dress your dog to the nines and stay in your budget? Shop at HotDogCollars! Learn more about the fashionable K-9 below.

The Staples of a Wardrobe

dog fashion What’s one of our favorite things to do as the seasons change? Getting a new wardrobe! Or at least getting a couple new shirts, shoes and jackets; have to keep to the budget, right? If we have pet children (and 56 percent of Americans do) we’re more likely to spend our extra cash on them, aren’t we? It’s just what good pet parents do.

Clearly, dressing up the dog isn’t just for Halloween anymore. Doggie jackets, shoes and sweaters are becoming more and more common—and necessary.

Doggie Allergies

Why do we wear clothing? To protect ourselves from the elements and (as an added bonus) showcase our style. Our furry friends are in need of the same accessories. In a story run by CNN, it was learned that humans aren’t the only animal group who suffer from allergies: 10 percent of dogs do too. Imagine a dog who can’t roll around in the wet grass or run through a field because he’s allergic to grass—how tragic! This is where dog clothing comes in to save the day.

You’ve probably seen some dogs running around at the dog park with some funky looking stockings on their legs. These are dog booties. Dog booties are little socks that are slipped on to all four paws of your pooch. This protects their sensitive paw pads from the grasses that irritate their skin. Available in a variety of colors, your dog can rock a rainbow every day.

Chilly Weather

keep dogs warm in winter Is your pooch hard to get out of the house when it rains? Who can blame them, no one likes going out in the rain. But when the backyard is his bathroom, staying indoors all day is a no go. The Dino Dog Pet Rain Jacket is 100 percent waterproof and 100 percent comfortable for your four-legged buddy, and will make getting him outside a breeze.

A doggie jacket isn’t just great for those quick excursions, they’re essential to keeping your pup warm on those weekend family camping trips. Keep your pup dry and stylin’ in this rain jacket available in navy blue and neon orange.

Rough Terrain

hiking dogs Now be honest: when you open up an L.L. Bean catalog, part of you just wants to order all that stuff because of how well-coordinated the outfits are. Who doesn’t like ordering stuff because it looks cool? Good camping gear doesn’t just look good, it’s functional too, much like Durable Dog Boots made for the active dog. Like you, your dog leads an active lifestyle, and he needs the gear to go along with it.

Durable dog boots are skid and water resistant and essential for the dog who lives in a colder climate. For the dog who climbs, hikes and goes running, durable dog boots are his Nikes.

We want our canine friends to be well taken care of. As good owners, we do what we can to make them happy. Dog clothing at HotDogCollars will help get them there. Shop for that next pair of puppy shoes today!

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