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How to Keep Your Dog Safe In The Cold Weather

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It's time to think about how you will keep your pets safe and comfortable in the cold weather

Tweet: Cold weather safety tips for your dogs [SOURCE=Hot Dog Collars]Cold weather safety tips for your dogs

  • Stay Inside - Sure it is the most obvious answer, but even the heartiest of animals has their limits. Let the dog or cat inside when it gets cold outside.

  • Wipe Down - Clean and wipe your dogs paws, stomach, and legs after letting them out in the winter. Aside from this being generally hygienic, it can help prevent accidental ingestion of antifreeze, road salts, and other dangerous chemicals. HINT, this is a good tip any time of year, not just in the Winter

  • Water - As in provide a lot of clean, drinking water. Staying warm requires energy so it is improtant to make sure your pet has plenty of water and...

  • Food - Providing a little extra int he winter time, possibly even a higher protein diet will help give your dog the energy they need to play all winter. IMPORTANT, be sure to speak with your vet before changing your dogs diet

  • Dry Time - Sometimes the wipe down just doesn't do the trick after some playtime out in the snow, so be sure to bathe your dog regularly. Which means completely drying your dog after a bath and certainly before letting them out again

  • Coats x 2 - If your dog has a long or thick coat, let it be in the winter. That is do not shave it down or cut it extremely short. If you have a short haired dog, consider getting them a shirt,sweater, hoodie, or coat

  • Speak Up - If you see an animal either lost or in an unsafe condition this winter, do not hesitate to speak up! Use your phone to record pictures and videos of the situation and then immediately contact your local animal control or police department

  • What other tips would you like to share with us? Use the comments below or tweet at us: @HotDogCollars

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