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8 Awesome Facts About Pugs

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8 Awesome Facts About Pugs!

Pugs are awesome, adorable, fun, goofy, loving, and so much more! Here are 8 awesome things you may not have known about Pugs. Featuring one of our #ImAHotDog winners, Lily Pad! Learn about Pugs and shop for Pug specific gear at right here!

  1. The official Pug personality traits recognized by the AKC are charming, loving, and mischievous. Does your Pug fit those? Tell us in the comments below

  2. Pugs have been around as a domesticated breed for 2500 years! though not officially recognized by the akc until 1895, originated in china 400 bc

  3. Speaking of the AKC, they officially describe Pugs as "multum in parvo" which means a lot of dog in a small space. Truth!

  4. Tweet: Pugs sleep an average of 14 hours a day! Check out these other 7 Pug facts! [Source: Hot Dog Collars]  Pugs sleep an average of 14 hours a day...lucky dogs!

  5. Pugs run between 3 to 5 mph...ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Ok, this usually happens on their way to the dinner table, but it still counts

  6. Pugs are loved by celebrities too! Some people you might have heard of who call Pugs their family members are Jessica Alba, Gerard Butler, Billy Joel, Hugh Laurie, Amber Le Bon, and Valentino!

  7. A Pack of Pugs is called a Grumble. No one seems to know why, but we think it's the sounds they all make as they come snorting along :-)

  8. Pugs are indoor dogs! While a little bit of outside time is just fine, and even necessary, pugs do not deal well with extreme heat or cold weather.

Be sure to check out our  Pug section here for some awesome gear made just for your Pug!

Have a Pug? Tell us what makes yours so smart, interesting, fun, or lovable! Use the comments below or tweet at us: @HotDogCollars

Love that awwesome, adorable "frog" in the pics in this article?  That is Lily Pad, who says #ImAHotDog and whose pics were submitted from our  hottest dog photo contest

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