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New Friends: Introducing Your Dog to a New Pet

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 12/19/17 5:02 PM

Dog and cat sniffing each other on a white plaid bed

Looking to adopt a new cat, dog or other pet into your family? They say that first impressions last a lifetime, which is why it is so important that your new pet and familiar dog meet on amicable terms. An initial spat or fight could sour the relationship before it has a chance to flourish.

Below are a handful of tips to help you introduce a new fur baby to your dog without all the drama.

Face to Face

Some pet owners like to tackle introductions head on by allowing their pets to meet face to face. Now, this is not always ideal – especially if you are bringing home a new feline to meet your rowdy pooch, as their mismatched energies will likely lead to confrontation.

However, introducing two dogs of similar temperament in a controlled environment can work wonders. Start by bringing the new pooch into a communal space, such as a living room or den. Allow this newbie to sniff around and become comfortable with the area before bringing in any other animals. Next, put dog training collars on your pups; in case anyone starts a ruckus, you can pull out of the situation.

Once your dogs have become acquainted, you can take off the leashes and let them play. Sooner or later, they will see each other as siblings rather than strangers.

Blind Date

Hide and seek game for pets, found each other by sniffing. The playful dog got excited.

It’s common knowledge that cats and dogs fight like, well, cats and dogs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If your new addition is a feline, you can improve the chances of a civil introduction by leveraging the blind-date method.

The concept is simple. Simply allow your dog and cat to meet each other without putting your pets into the same room. For example, you can put your pussycat behind a bedroom door and let your dog play on the other side. This should allow kitty to become accustomed to the sounds and scents of your doggo. Similarly, your pup might smell the cat from the crack in the door, thereby letting him know there’s another animal nearby. Another idea is to let the two see each other through a glass window or sliding door.

There’s no predetermined amount of time for this introduction method. Just wait until both parties seem at ease before removing the barrier.

Passing the Smell Test

When it comes to dogs, the nose knows best. In other words, you can introduce your furry friends by allowing each pet to sniff the other’s toys, bedding or clothes. That way, when they see your new cat, dog or hedgehog for the first time, they will already have some sensory context.

Personal Space

Finally, once your pets have settled in together, it will be important to set up some personal space. Designate different beds, feeding areas and the like so that each pet feels like they have their own space. This will also keep pets from fighting or eating each other’s food.

Follow these tips for a happy home – for all your pets and family members! And remember to visit Hot Dog Collars for all the collars, toys and pet accessories you need.