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Enter Now For Your Chance To Win The January 2015 Hottest Dog Contest

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 01/27/15 11:35 AM

We know you've got some awwwdorable pics of your dogs so...

Tweet: I entered the Hottest Dog Photo Contest b/c my dog IS the hottest!I entered the Hottest Dog Photo Contest b/c my dog IS the hottest!

You can click here to enter your dogs, because who doesnt like showing off those little shmushy, cute, wiggly, omg dey wooks so kuts wid der wittle noses. Sorry...we got caught up in all the cuteness there. But really, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 - click, upload, and enter.

But it's not just the winners ALL of your entries are shown off to the world to over 100,000 facebook fans, nearly 10,000 twitter followers, and all of our customers each month who receive special order inserts with hot dog pictures on them. If your picture is that great, we may even contact you about making it into a special custom collar! Or maybe putting your dog on the cover of our next catalog, dog biscuit packaging, or the new top secret line of custom shirts. Uh oh, don't tell the boss that we just let that one out.

All it takes is entering the contest  here, and maybe even sign up to receive our fun emails. We challenge you, our loyal Hot Dog Fans, to send so many pictures in that we fill our office walls with them. We are kind of tired of these boring old painted walls, so lets see if we can fill them up with your cute doggie pics. Who knows we may even come up with a contest to name the wall...the great Wall of Bark, or The Great Barkier Reef. Well, we know you can come up better names than those as we've already seen just how creative our fans can be. 

So fire up your phone filters, your snapchat style art, and your put your best paw forward with this months Hottest Dog Contest