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Hottest Dog Photo Contest


Hottest Dog Contest Winner

"We adopted Gunner on March 15, 2015. He is handicap as a Vet butchered him during an operation and the family gave him up. He is no longer able to urinate normally and we must always use disposable diapers with female pads, female bloomers and a male wrap on him anytime he is inside or in a vehicle. My wife and I just love him. He is very gentle and loves other dogs and people (He is just great especially for what he has been thru). He follows my wife everywhere...just loves her beyond belief. It took us some time but we are now able to deal with his issues. He is no trouble at all. He loves being outside. We also found a fantastic vet who works with us...he is just great..." - #ImAHotDog!

Winners Receive

A $50 Gift Certificate! The chance to be seen by millions!

Hottest Dog Honorable Mentions

Many of our winners are sporting some great Hot Dog Gear. Click the links, where available, and check out the Hot Dog Gear they're wearing.
Bella the Havanese smiles for the camera next to her award winning flowers! Check out our  flower themed dog collars here
Meet Rico, another Havanese and what a cutie pie! Here he is posing with is #ImaHotDog card and in  an adorable red doggie shirt
Zoe is a Bostin Terrier and all dressed up for a special occasion. Check out our special event Design Bow Tie Collection here

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