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Lu was adopted when he was about 13 yrs old and is close to 16 now. Tami was told that he probably had only 2 months to live and that his owners dumped him alone in the country that winter because they couldnt afford him. Tami didnt want him to die alone in a rescue so he came to live out his days at her house. Little did Tami know that Lu would chose to live longer then 2 months. He is going blind, has a hard time hearing and walks with a limp BUT put a piece of food in the area and he will run to it like a pup. Tami says "I love him so much and am thankful for every day we have together". 

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Cosmo is a city dog who loves to explore, fart, snort, slobber and play fetch  Flowers Themed Dog Collars Right...HERE 
Buzz the Boston Terrier is desribed as a "Cute little pain in the butt"  Flowers Themed Dog Collars Right...HERE 
Jules loves swimming, daily walks around the lake, playing tug-of-war, and snuggling! Collars For BIG Dogs are HERE

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