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7 Bitchin' Boston Terrier Facts

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 08/17/15 9:47 AM

7 Bitchin' Boston Terrier Facts

They're lovable, goofy, fun, and did we say lovable?  Boston Terrier owners are loyal to their breed for good reason, once you have one you might not ever want a different breed.  Here are 7 great facts you may not have known about Boston Terriers. This huggable, squeezable, lovable pup over there to the right is one of our #ImAHotDog contestants. Learn about Boston Terriers and shop for Boston Terrier specific gear at right here!

  1. Boston Terriers are the first dogs who could officially say "born and bred in America" as they were the first AKC breed to have been 100% bred in the US of A! That distinction occurred in 1893 when the AKC made it official

  2. For anyone who has ever known or owned a Boston, this is going to be difficult to believe, but...they were originally bred to be pit fighting dogs :-o

  3. Tweet: The official Boston Terrier personality traits are amusing, bright, friendly, and adaptable 6 Other Boston Facts at  The official Boston Terrier personality traits are amusing, bright, friendly, and adaptable

  4. As of 2014, Boston Terriers were the 23rd most popular registered breed in the USA. Of course, they are #1 for anyone who has ever owned one

  5. Some famous Boston Terrier owners include Denise Richards, LeAnn Rimes, Helen Keller, Joan Rivers, and president Gerald Ford

  6. Boston Terriers were the official bicentennial dog of the USA

  7. Boston Terriers do well in just about any setting from compact city apartment to expansive country estate. Though, due to their short snouts, they cannot tolerate excessive heat or outdoor time

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