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5 Tips for Better Pet Photography

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 11/19/15 10:48 AM

5 tips for Better Pet Photography

Pet lovers adore their pets like parents adore their children. This is the reason why no one's surprised to see pet selfies and family photos with adorable pets sitting alongside their favorite humans. Here are five easy tips on how to take great photos of your pooch or feline. Check out our monthly photo contest right here!

  1. Keep Things Natural - Dogs and cats will do what they want to, whether you have a camera trained at them or not. Get natural shots of your pets just lounging around, chewing on a toy, or fast asleep. When your pets are not being prodded to do anything, you will see them at their most relaxed and friendly states, which makes it easier for you to get photogenic angles. Don't forget to use the appropriate camera settings if you are planning on following your dog's every move. Set your camera on Action mode to keep your fast moving furbabies in focus.

  2. Have Treats Handy - If you want you pet to do something, like sit still or run towards you, having treats in your pocket can help make this happen. A lot of dogs and even cats are motivated by treats and if your pet is trained, treats are a great way to reinforce good behavior. You can also use treats to direct your pet's eyes to the camera to get shots that show him or her looking directly at you.

  3. Use Toys - Toys are useful for getting relaxed, natural and playful shots. You can take your pet's favorite toy and play fetch to get great action shots, such as your dog running away or towards you, or your down on the carpet as he wrestles with his toy. You can also use toys so that your dog can let all of that energy out in time for you to take calm, relaxed and still shots. This is useful especially if you have a very energetic pup who just can't sit still for the camera.

  4. Get Down To Eye Level - A different perspective can help you get unique and fresh shots that you and the family will love looking at. These shots will show your dog from an entirely new angle. Take a photo of the dog sniffing the camera, or shoot from the floor while the dog is sleeping. This will help you create a larger-than-life image of your dog. Another tip would be to shoot at eye level so you can fill the entire frame with your dog's face. You can use this technique to create either cute or dramatic shots that are great for framing.

  5. Use Colorful Props, Such As Blankets And Pillows -You can get frame-worthy photos if these are filled with color. If you have a white bed or a white room, add colorful pillows and blankets for an eye-catching snap. If you use a DSLR and a prime lens, you can even get gorgeous colorful bokeh that can serve as the perfect background for your pooch's portraits.

These are just five of the easiest things you can do if you want to get beautiful snaps of your pets. Try these out to get photos that you can't wait to frame and post online using the hashtag #ImAHotDog

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