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Take Your Dog To Work Day


take your dog to work dayFounded in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, each year on the Friday after Fathers Day it is "Take Your Dog To Work Day".  In fact, the entire week is designated as take your dog to work week in order to accomodate all types of businesses and schedules.  The event is meant to celebrate companion dogs (ie all home dogs) and to encourage adoption and rescue efforts.  It's a way for all non dog owners to see the special bond that exists between dog and owner.  

In 2018, this day falls on June 22, with the week of June 18-22 designated as well. The event has grown tremendously since 1999, when only 300 businesses participated.  Is your business participating this year?

If you are going to take your dog to work to celebrate this event, here are some tips.  Be sure to head over to our line of collars here so your pup can look great in the office

1. Dangerous Foods - Be careful not to allow coworkers to feed your dogs.  Common foods such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, and nuts can be unhealthy or even fatal to your dogs

2. Identification - This is especially important if you work in a large building or complex.  Make sure your dog has proper identification in the form of a collar or tag with your contact info on it.  You can view our line of ID products here

3. Take What You Need - Pack a bag of treats, wipes, toys, and possibly even a collapsible water container or feeder

4. Travel To and From - Make sure your dog is crated or harnessed to the seat belt when traveling to and from your workplace.  An unrestrained dog in the car can be not only a danger to you the driver but to itself as well

5. Avoid Big Meals - Try not to feed your dog just before leaving.  Not only could it cause a mess in the car or office, but a large meal combined with all the excitement could upset your dogs stomach.

Most importantly, have fun and pay close attention to your dogs while at work.  Their body language and actions will tell you whether they are loving the event, or if they're a bit nervous about it. Don't be afraid to excuse yourself to take your pet home early (with permission from your superior of course)