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Why You Should Not Get A Dog

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/02/14 3:37 PM

Dogs are a part of your family, period.
So before getting a dog here are 5 good questions to answer. Be honest and don't be afraid to wait until the time is right to bring a dog into your life

Tweet: Why you shouldn't get a dog...5 good questions [Source=Hot Dog Collars]Why you shouldn't get a dog...5 good questions

  1. Does your apartment, condo, home owners association, etc allow them? Seems like a basic enough question but these organizations often come with restrictions on breed, size, or number of pets. The very last thing you want to do is bring the new pup home only to find that you can't keep him/her.

  2. Why do you want a dog? Whoa, this one can quickly get existential and deep. We just want you to consider what getting a dog means to you and your family. Is it companionship, a partner to exercise with, you have a job to do (hunting, fishing, herding, etc), teaching responsibility, or maybe something else. The answer to this question will help you think about not only the type of dog but also what it's going to mean to have one. And how your life will change dramatically

  3. What is your daily schedule and when would you spend time with your dog? Dogs are social creatures and should not be left alone to their own devices. They need your companionship as much as you'll grow to love theirs. They need to be part of your "pack" and spend time with your family.

  4. Do you live paycheck to paycheck or do you have some savings? Ok ok, that's a rather personal question, but at least we waited until #4 to ask it. The reality is that dogs cost money...sometimes a lot of it. You have food, vaccinations, check ups and other medical costs, training, tags and licenses, and of course all that Hot Dog Gear you'll have to pick up for them :) Spoiling your dog is part of the fun of having one, so be sure the cash is available to make that happen

  5. Have you ever fostered a dog or dog-sat for a friend? Would you buy a house sight unseen? Of course not. You would check things out, make sure it's the right fit, cost, and, are we still talking about houses? Anyway, try fostering a dog from the local shelter first. Or offer your friends or family to dog-sit while they go out of town for a weekend. Note this is especially effective if you foster or dog-sit a puppy. Those little bundles of energy will put you to the ultimate test.  Spend 3 days with a Lab puppy and you'll know for certain if you are ready for a dog

  6. What are some other good questions to ask before getting a dog? Use the comments below or tweet at us: @HotDogCollars