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Why use a Do Not Pet dog collar

07/13/22 1:39 PM

In a perfect world, people would always ask before petting a dog they don’t know. But that doesn’t always happen, and well-meaning dog lovers may go up to a cute dog on the street and pet them, not knowing the dog’s owner would prefer they leave the dog alone.

Choosing a dog collar that clearly says “Caution!” or “do not pet” is a simple and effective way to let others know not to pet your dog, without your having to tell them, and whether they ask your permission or not.

But why would you want to use a “do not pet” dog collar in the first place? This kind of collar might be a good choice for your dog if they fall into one of the following categories.

For Service Dogs or Working Dogs

Dogs that are “on the job” should not be touched because it can distract them from their human and from their task, which should be their priority. This can potentially be dangerous for the dog’s owner, depending on the dog’s job. If you rely on your dog for a service or support, consider getting a “do not pet” dog collar to let others know your dog should not be touched.

For Dogs that are in Training (Or that Need Training)

If you’re in the middle of training your dog on a particular skill - such as walking on a leash well in a crowd of people, or ignoring other dogs - then strangers coming up and petting them can distract them and halt their progress. Similarly, maybe your dog needs more training before they can behave well around strangers if, for example, they jump up on people who get too close. If your dog is still working on obedience and behavior training, think about getting a “do not pet” dog collar to wear when needed.

For Dogs that are Aggressive or Snappy

Sometimes it’s more than just wanting to prevent distraction – a “do not pet” dog collar could potentially prevent a bad injury. Dogs that are aggressive or who bite or snap at strangers could injure someone who enters their space. If your dog has a tendency to be snappy or has shown aggressive behavior in the past, do everything you can to prevent people from petting your dog without your permission.

For Dogs that are Fearful, Shy, or Don’t Like to Be Touched

While some dogs may snap or nip (or worse) if a stranger tries to pet them, other dogs may just find the experience very stressful. Dogs that have come from an abusive situation or have been harmed by humans in the past may have trust issues that make them fearful and hesitant to be touched. If this is your dog, then a “do not pet” dog collar is a good choice to help protect their own well-being.

Where to Find a “Do Not Pet” Dog Collar

For a wide variety of “do not pet” dog collar, check out our selection at Hot Dog Collars. These flat buckle collars come in bright eye-catching colors and warn people in serious and in humorous ways to keep back!