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Why choose a wide dog collar?

05/20/22 10:40 AM

With so many types and styles of dog collar on the market, you might not know what kind is best for your dog. One kind to consider is a wide dog collar. Owners of many different breeds opt for wide dog collars for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons why you might choose a wide dog collar.

Why choose a wide dog collar

Wide Dog Collars are a Better Choice for Bigger Dogs

Bigger dogs need bigger collars than smaller dogs, of course, and that means collars that are not only bigger in diameter but in width, too. For big dogs, that can mean a width of 1.5”, while an extra wide collar might be 2” or even 3”. (For small dogs, a width of 5/8” or 3/4" is about right.) Wider collars are stronger and can better withstand a larger dog’s strength when pulling on the leash.

Wide Dog Collars Distribute Pressure Differently

When a dog pulls on the leash while wearing a wide dog collar, the pressure is distributed across a larger area than with a thinner dog collar. This can be more comfortable for your dog as well as safer, as too much pressure applied to the front of the neck from straining on the leash can lead to neck and trachea injuries, thyroid problems, vagus nerve damage, and more.

Wide Dog Collars Protect Better Against Rough Play

An extra wide dog collar made of durable nylon or leather can stand up better to rough play, if that’s one of your dog’s favorite pastimes, as well as help protect the neck area from damage from other dogs playing rough.

Wide Dog Collars Are Harder to Slip Out Of

The first choice for many dogs with slim heads like greyhounds and whippets is a martingale collar, which is more difficult for them to slip out of compared to a traditional flat buckle collar. But another alternative is an extra wide collar. Although it’s not as secure as a martingale collar, a wider collar will be harder for a slim-headed dog to escape from compared to a more common 1” collar.

Wide Dog Collars are Stylish

You might just like the look of a wide dog collar, and that’s reason enough! Wider collars look especially good on dogs with long, slim necks, like greyhounds.

Is a Wide Collar Right for Your Dog?

If your dog is a larger breed, is sensitive to pressure on their neck or trachea, or tends to play rough, or if you’re looking for an alternative to a martingale collar or simply like the look of them, then a wide dog collar is a good choice. Keep in mind that “wide” is relative – for a small dog, a 1”-wide collar could be considered wide, while for a giant breed, you might need a 3”-wide collar to get the same effect and benefits.

Find Wide Dog Collars at Hot Dog Collars

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