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What’s in a Name? 50 Names to Set Your Pooch Apart

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/19/16 10:42 AM

Think of all the people you know. Unless they legally sought a name change, no one has had the opportunity to name themselves. The name-giving task is left to our guardians, and not everyone is lucky in the selection.
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When it comes right down to it, it’s really no different for our dogs. They don’t get a say in what they’re named, and it’s unfortunate, especially when a name can mean so much. Think of it this way: does it really seem like a great idea to name a pit bull Brutus when there is already a negative (and incorrect) stereotype about the breed? We make a lot of assumptions based on a name. You’ll want your pet’s dog collars to reflect a name you can both be proud of. Here is a brand new list of 50 dog names fit for that special furry friend in your life.

Alfie: “Wise.” Origin—English

Amos: “Carried by God.” Origin—Hebrew

Angus: “One strength.” Origin—Gaelic

Anita: “Grace.” Origin—Spanish

Archer: “Bowman.” Origin—English

Argus: “Watchful guardian.” Origin—Greek

Arys: A town in Poland.

Aslan: “Lion.”

Aspen: A poplar tree.

Astrid: “Divinely beautiful.” Origin—Norse

Astro: Relating to celestial matter.

Atta: Short form for a compliment. As in “attagirl,” or “attaboy.”

Atticus: Popularized after Harper Lee’s character Atticus Finch .

Avery: “Ruler of the elves.” Origin--English

Axle: A spindle or rod used for repairs.

Banjo: A stringed musical instrument.

Banksy: Named for the street artist who paints political and moral messages on public buildings.

Bao: “Creative.” Origin—Chinese

Barclay: “Where birches grow.” Origin(s): English and Scottish

Bardot: The joining of the surnames ‘Harlow’ and ‘Boreanaz.’ Origin—French

Basil: “Regal.” Origin—Greek

Beckett: “Bee Cottage.” Origin(s) English and Irish

Bodhi: “Awakening, enlightenment.” Origin—Sanskrit

Bowie: “Blond.” Origin—Scottish

Bruce: “From the brushwood thicket.” Origin(s)—English, French and Scottish

Bryce: “Speckled or freckled.” Origin—Scottish

Buck: “Male deer.” Origin—English

Cecil: “Blind.” Origin—Latin

Clementine: “Mild, merciful.” Origin(s)—French and Latin

Clifford: “Lives near the ford by the cliff.” Origin—English

Cora: “Maiden.” Origin—Greek

Cormac: “Charioteer.” Origin—Irish

Cosmo: “Order, beauty.” Origin—Italian

Crockett: “Large curl.” Origin—English

Dante: “Enduring.” Origin--Latin

Dottie: “Gift of God.” Origin—English

Emmett: “Universal.” Origin(s)—English and German

Evie: “Life.” Origin—Hebrew

Fergus: “Man of force.” Origin(s)—Irish and Scottish

Fleur: “Flower.” Origin—French

Floyd: “Gray-haired.” Origin—Welsh

Freya: “A noble woman.” Origin—Norse

Frieda: “Peacelful ruler.” Origin—German

Harlow: “Army.” Origin—English

Hermes: “The messenger of God.” Origin—Greek

Hodor: “Hold the door.” Origin—Game of Thrones fictional universe.

Ira: “Watchful one.” Origin—Hebrew

Iris: “Rainbow.” Origin—Greek

Jagger: “Carter.” Origin—English

Luca: “Man from Lucania.” Origin—Italian

There is much to be found in a name. A name’s significance can be in its very definition, such as in the names listed above. A name can take inspiration from someone or something that made an impact on your life, just as your furry companion will. What matters is that you give your pup a name with significance; he’ll feel it every time you call.