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What You Need To Know About Dog First Aid Kits

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 04/28/16 3:36 PM

what do i put in my dogs first aid kit

Tweet: Here's what you should put in a first aid bag for your dog [Source: Hot Dog Collars] Here's what you should put in a first aid bag for your dog

Since I became a parent, I have kept two bins in my closet that are dedicated to holding all of my medical supplies. I have band-aids, pain relievers, antiseptic wipes, cold packs, upset stomach medication, et cetera. I also have my doctor’s information written down on a piece of paper just in case my phone (which lists all my contacts) is low on battery life and I have to call with my land line. You can never be too careful. For emergencies, you always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. As pet parents, we need to do the same for our beloved dogs.

Sadly, what often gets overlooked in preparing for emergencies is the family pet. Veterinary Emergency Clinics can attest that dogs can and do require emergency medical care for a variety of reasons. Whether it is from a bee sting, a serious fall, a broken leg, or from a car accident, being prepared so that you can respond quickly can make a huge difference.

keep a first aid kit for your dog in your home Below is a checklist of items that would be a good start to any canine first aid bag. By no means is this a complete list. Depending on your lifestyle and where you live in the world, you may want to add more specific items. Please also note the items that have an asterisk (*). I wanted to draw attention to these items because you need to ask your veterinarian directly what products are safe for your dog to use. Misuse of first aid items can cause further injury to your dog. If you have any questions about what or how to administer first aid, again, please ask your veterinarian. Also, please make sure to seek professional medical treatment if an emergency arises.


  • medical gloves
  • tweezers
  • extra leash
  • extra collar
  • water bottle
  • blanket
  • vet wrap
  • cotton
  • food
  • cotton swabs
  • pain relief medication
  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • eye wash
  • ice pack
  • styptic powder
  • medical tape
  • gauze
  • medical scissors
  • light sticks
  • poop bags for sanitation
  • bowls
  • antibiotic ointment
  • gastrointestinal medication
  • water purification tablets
  • muzzle
  • antiseptic cleanser
  • contact information for your veterinarian

With any luck, you will only have to open the first aid bag for your dog when you check on the various expiration dates of any medication you include. A good tip is to check the bag when the seasons change each year. Also, please share this blog post within your social media circles. It may save a life.

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Colleen Fitzpatrick is a former dog groomer turned writer from Upstate New York. She loves all dogs but is particularly fond of basset hounds. She is passionate about animal rescue and hopes to foster dogs once her children are a bit older.