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What To Write on Your Pets ID Tag

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 11/17/15 9:40 AM

Personalized Pet ID tags What to Write on Pet ID Tags

Nothing could be scarier to a pet owner than the thought of a pet wandering alone through the city, unable to find their way back home! Pet identification tags have made it significantly easier to keep your pet safe in case of emergency, but you have to put the right information on them.

The essential information to include when you order an engraved pet tag or create one yourself includes your pet's name and a telephone number, but can include other details, too. Here are some pieces of information you may wish to consider including on a pet identification tag:

Pet's name

This is usually considered essential, especially if your pet responds to having their name called. It means a stranger can more easily get your pet to trust them so they can get them to safety or hold them still to read the phone number.

Phone number

Try to provide the best phone number to reach you. If possible, with three lines to work with, include two different phone numbers, just in case. Always keep this updated when you change addresses or phone numbers. A cellphone number is good to include, in case your pet wanders off and someone calls you while you're out searching. Remember to include the area code.

Microchipped status

If your pet has had a microchip implanted with more information about you, it is significantly easier to identify them, but only if the person examining your pet knows this. Including the word “microchipped” somewhere on the tag will let a vet know to look for a microchip.

Street address

With enough room to work with – a large pet tag for a huge dog, for instance – you can even include a street address. This might not be safe if you live alone and a stranger reads your pet's tag, remember, but for a dog who runs away a lot, it might be the easiest way of getting them back home. This is of secondary importance compared to the name and phone number, though.

In general, you will have two to three lines of text to work with when getting an engraved pet tag or writing one yourself, as you should also keep them big enough to be legible to anyone without having to get too close to your pet. Even the calmest dog or cat probably doesn't like to be held by the neck by strangers for long, after all!

With an accurate and clear tag on your pet's collar, you will greatly increase the chance you get a phone call from someone who has found them before you spend days of heartache worrying about them. Getting pet identification tags is crucial for any pet owner. Check out our full selection of Pet ID Tags here