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What is the best dog training collar?

07/13/22 12:42 PM

If you want to train your dog to walk on a loose leash or teach them some other behavior, you might be wondering what kind of collar is best for dog training. Which kind of collar should you buy to train your dog – classic flat buckle collar, martingale, slip/choke collar, or something else? Read on to find out which kinds of dog collars are most effective.

Slip Collars Are Simple and Effective Dog Training Collars

Slip collars, also called slip leads, slip chains, chokers, and choke collars, can be very effective as a training tool when used correctly. Their design, which is a simple loop of nylon, rope, or chain, automatically tightens when the dog pulls on the leash, providing instant negative feedback to their behavior.

But it’s this design that can make slip collars dangerous when used incorrectly. Always position slip collars high up on your dog’s neck, close to the ears, so that if they pull it won’t damage their neck and windpipe.

Also, because of their design, slip collars are not a replacement for regular dog collars that have ID tags. Plan to use a slip collar with your dog for short training sessions, up to 10 or 15 minutes at a time, while you work on training a specific skill such as walking on a loose lease.

A Gentler Alternative: The Martingale Collar

The martingale collar is also an effective collar for dog training and is a good alternative to the slip collar. Its clever two-loop design means that when the dog pulls on the leash, the collar tightens but not too much. (This design is also why it’s the collar of choice for slim-headed dogs like greyhounds and whippets, which can slip out of standard flat buckle collars.) This gentle tightening provides feedback to your dog that can discourage their pulling behavior.

Unlike slip collars or slip leads, a martingale collar can stay on your dog outside of training sessions and can be used as your dog’s primary collar with ID tags.

The Trainer is Just as Important as the Collar

The truth is that as long as the trainer and the training is consistent, any collar can be an effective dog training collar, even a simple, classic flat buckle collar. If you aren’t clear consistent with your dog about what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable, you’ll struggle to succeed in training.

If you’re not having success training your dog despite trying different collars, consider working with a professional dog trainer who can show you how to train your dog effectively and efficiently.

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