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What does your dog's name mean?

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/03/14 9:35 AM

Picking out a name is an exciting and fun part of getting a new dog. But what do those names all mean? Here are the top 5 names for both girl and boy dogs as reported by USAToday, and the origin or meaning of each

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Male Dog Names

Max - From Maximus, a common family name during the Roman empire.  In Latin, the word Maximus means "greatest"
Charlie - Originates from the Germanic name "Karl" which literally translates to "Man"
Buddy - Quite simply, it means "friend".  How's that for appropriate?
Jack - Very common in the medieval time frame, this is another word that was slang for "Man"
Cooper - Borrowed from the middle ages when surnames often indicated profressions, this one means "barrel maker"

Female Dog Names

Bella - A short form of Isabella, but ultimately derived from the Italian "bella' which means beautiful
Lucy - From Lucia, the female form of Lucius, this name is derived from the Latin "lux" for "light"
Bailey - Borrowing from the middle age tradition of surnames describing professions, this originated as Baili, or one who was a bailiff
Daisy - Well the flower of course, but original from an old english word that means "day eye"
Lily - Another flower but also it represents a symbol of purity

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