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Walking the Dog: The Martingale Training System

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 05/19/16 3:32 PM

The relationship you have with your dog should be one of trust, love and respect. Dogs are our furry companions, and one of the best ways to bond with them is with a good training program. Training with the martingale dog collar helps us learn the needs of our pet and helps them learn good doggy etiquette. We at HotDogCollars provide the training tools you need to bring the bond with your four-legged friend to the next level.

The Martingale Collar

As an owner who wants the best for their dog, you’re probably already familiar with the pet-friendly collar types that are out there. But did you know the martingale collar is a better option for the rowdier, bouncier pooch?

How it Works

Designed for dog breeds with heads slimmer than their necks, the martingale collar is built of two layers, or loops, one small and one large. The first smaller loop is called the control loop . The second larger loop (adjustable in size) goes around the dog’s neck and should be fitted somewhat loosely, you want your dog to feel comfortable wearing the collar after all.

Attached to the control loop is the D-ring. The D-ring is used to attach the leash to the collar. If and when your pet tries to lead during the walk or lunges out at a cat or squirrel in its path, the small control loop pulls the larger loop tight. This stops your dog from getting away or from dragging you along for the ride. A friendlier alternative to the choke collar, the martingale teaches your dog not to lead or pull. To correct bad behavior, you can control the collar with a light flick of the leash.

Dog Breeds that Benefit from the Martingale System

The martingale collar was designed for breeds born with swiftness of foot and a penchant for adventure. Breeds like the Saluki, Borzoi, and Greyhound known for their elegance, speed and dexterity require training with the martingale training system, and here’s why:

borzoi special dog collar Saluki: One of the oldest breeds in history, the Saluki bloodline dates back to Ancient Egypt. Also called the Persian Greyhound, the Saluki personality type is reserved and catlike, making them a challenge to train. Because they are a proud breed, they require extra patience and care. Originally bred to hunt gazelle, Salukis are full of energy and need regular exercise. Salukis are known for escaping the yard and getting out of their leashed collars. The martingale collar prevents them from removing the collar and trying to take off.

Borzoi: The Borzoi breed is most known for its athleticism. A popular breed in the 1920s and ‘30s, a Borzoi can weigh as much as 105 pounds and measure at 2.2 feet standing on all fours. Known for its gentle nature, Borzoi are very loyal to their masters and affectionate with children. Bred in Russia to fight off wolves and hunt large game, the Borzoi, like the Saluki requires a lot of exercise. Because they can never be off leash (they like to run wild), the martingale collar helps you restrain their bulk.

Greyhound: Most known for going 45 miles per hour around the racetrack, retired greyhounds make an excellent addition to any family. A cuddly and sweet-natured creature, the greyhound is very easy to train. The martingale collar helps to gently teach your senior greyhound to walk in pace with you.

We at HotDogCollars know your pets are your family. Our humane martingale dog collar will make training your hound a breeze. Click here to order your martingale today!