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Vets Are Expensive! 7 Ways To Save on Dog Health Care

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 01/23/17 11:19 AM

save on vet bills If you're like most dog owners, then you want the best life possible for your canine companion. You also dread taking your pet to the veterinarian. There's always a new bill to pay, and it's hard to afford the rising costs of veterinary care. Luckily, you have options. Here are seven ways to get free or discounted vet services for your dog.

Blood Donor Discounts

Humans aren't the only species that can donate blood. Canine heroes are also needed. Donated blood is used during surgeries, emergency repairs, and for some cancer treatments. Some veterinary hospitals offer free or discounted services to blood donors. Your pet can get free preventative care, like heartworm medicine and vaccines, from being a donor. Donating blood doesn't affect your pet's health; Fido's bone marrow will restore any donated blood within a few weeks.

Monthly Wellness Plans

Veterinary offices are starting to offer wellness packages for dogs of all ages. In this system, you pay a low monthly fee and get access to all of the preventative care your dog needs. You can get 1-2 office visits per year as well as vaccinations, medications, and education, all at no added cost. Wellness plans let you spread out the cost of veterinary care, making it easier to afford.


Many veterinary offices have partnered with CareCredit to offer no-interest loans to pet parents. If you have a credit score of at least 600, you can qualify for a new line of credit. The card offers 6 months of interest-free financing or up to 60 months to repay your bill. If you can't reduce your veterinary expenses any further, CareCredit is a way to get your pet the help they need today.

Discounted Clinics

Many shelters run low-cost veterinary clinics. They often have limited hours and first-come, first-serve models. They aren't convenient to visit, but they offer cheap veterinary care. Preventative medicines are usually sold at-cost. You may be able to get free spaying and neutering services or pay only a nominal fee.

Veterinary Schools

vet schools help you save money It's hard for vet students to learn to care for animals if they never get hands-on experience. That's why veterinary schools offer discounted vet services for pets willing to work with trainees. Your pet will get thorough care from a supervised student at a cheap price, but you'll have to work with the school's schedule. If you can make the timing work, vet school visits are a good way to get affordable preventative care.

People Pharmacies

Did you know that big box stores stock pet medicines? They want you to find everything you need in one stop, and that includes prescription medicine for your furry family members. Even better, you can get common pet meds for free at most major supermarkets. When your vet writes a prescription and tries to get you to fill at the office, explain you'd rather visit your neighborhood grocery store. A good veterinarian will understand that you need to cut medical costs wherever you can.

Pet Insurance

Purchasing health insurance for your dog is one way to save on veterinary bills. Pet insurance plans can work like a long-term savings account. By paying a monthly premium, you get coverage for big-ticket bills later down the road. If you adopt a shelter dog, you often get free enrollment in an insurance policy for a limited time.

You don't have to spend a fortune to keep your dog in good health. Regular exercise,  dental care, and a healthy diet will help limit the need for veterinary care. When your pet needs to see a veterinarian, use these seven tips to avoid paying full price.