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Types of dog harnesses

09/28/21 4:56 PM

Dog harnesses are a great alternative to collars. Unlike a collar, a dog harness doesn’t apply any pressure to your dog’s trachea, making it ideal for brachiocephalic (pug-nosed) breeds, dogs with respiratory issues, or dogs that pull.

But there are many different types of dog harnesses – front clip, back clip, multi clip, Roman, step-in harnesses – what are they, and which kind is best for your dog? Read on to find out!

Front Clip Dog Harness

A front clip dog harness has the plastic or metal D-ring – where the leash attaches – on the front of the harness, at your dog’s chest.

A front clip dog harness gives you more control holding the leash. For that reason, it’s a good choice if you are training your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.

One downside is that the leash is more likely to get tangled in your dog’s legs when there’s too much slack. It’s also not ideal for large, heavy dogs who aren’t well-behaved on a leash; they may need a head halter or more heavy-duty training tool.

Back Clip Dog Harness

Back clip dog harnesses have the D-ring – that’s right – on the back!

This is a very popular style as it’s easy to use, suitable for most dogs, and comfortable to wear, too. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide as much control as a front clip harness. If your dog needs training to walk well on a leash, a front clip harness is probably a better choice.

Multi Clip Dog Harness

Dual clip harnesses have D-ring attachments on both the front and the back. Multi clip harnesses may have three of four D-rings in different places.

The big advantage of a multi clip harness is that you have more options. But multi clip dog harnesses generally cost more than the other kinds. Depending on your dog and your needs, a multi clip harness may not be worth the extra expense for you.

Dog Harness Fitting Styles

You may have heard the terms “step-in dog harness” and “Roman dog harness.” These are descriptions of the fit rather than a description of the harness itself.

What is a Step-in Dog Harness?

step-in dog harness is super simple to get onto your dog. It’s typically a figure eight design, and your dog steps into it by placing one front paw in each of the openings. Then you pull it up and clip it on the back.

They’re quick and easy to put on. Some owners like this style of design because it doesn’t go around the neck. These are a good choice for obedient dogs who walk well on a leash.

What is a Roman Dog Harness

Also called a standard harness or over-the-head harness, a  Roman dog harness is designed to first go over the head and then clip around the body.

It’s not quite as quick as a step-in dog harness but it’s still easy and a good choice for many dogs.

Find the Right Harness for Your Dog

No matter which type of dog harness you want, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our huge selection of dog harnesses at Hot Dog Collars. Browse out our selection of Roman dog harnesses and step-in dog harnesses to find the one that’s right for your pooch!