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Top 5 Funniest Bulldog Videos

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Bulldogs are lovable, goofy, and downright funny!  Once used for some less than civilized sports in 19th century Europe, the modern bulldog is as charismatic as it is identifiable. It's that infectious personality that makes the bulldog one of the favorites on popular video sites.  And one that owners love to film because you just never know what they'll do next.  Ok, they'll probably take a nap. Or fart.  Or take and a nap and fart at the same time.  Anyway, check out our top 5 videos of these 4-legged meatballs.  Then head over to our Bulldog section for gear made to fit your bully or the bully lover in your life.

Kissing Babies, Running For President?

An All Time Classic, The Skateboarding Bulldog

C'mon, I'll teach you how to crawl little baby

Whachya doin? Nothing, just watching TV

Strong Like Bull...Dog

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