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Top 5 Fun Facts About Beagles

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 02/18/16 11:02 AM

Tweet:Bet you didn't know these things about Beagles! []Bet you didn't know these things about Beagles!

Here is why your beagle loves to bark

  1. Beagle is French for "loudmouth".  But if you own one then you already know that!

  2. They can color morph...but probably not how you are thinking.  Tri-colored beagles are almost always born black and white, but typically most if not all of their black color as they grow up

  3. Beagles are hunters!  Seriously.  While they are extremely friendly and great family dogs, you have to be careful with them around other small companion animals such as hamsters, small rabbits, gerbils, etc.  Over thousands of years Beagles were bred to hunt and that instinct may just kick in when they sniff out a small "gift" that they can bring to their owner

  4. They smell...really well.  With a sense of smell 40-50 times better than us hoomans, Beagles are actually used by the US Dept of Homeland Security to sniff out agricultural contraband.  BONUS:  They also are quite adept at sniffing out bed bugs!

  5. Beagles are pack animals to the max!  Whether it's other dogs or their human family, Beagles want to be part of a pack.  This includes both "out on the hunt" and also while relaxing at home

  6. Have a Beagle? Have a bunch of them? Tell us about some interesting things they do by using the comments below or tweeting at us: @HotDogCollars

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