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Top 5 Facts About Siberian Huskies

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 03/21/16 1:18 PM

siberian husky dog facts

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Your husky was born to run

  1. Husky's have been born to run for over 3000 years! The Chukchi people of Siberia needed the perfect sled dog and the closest modern day breen is what we call the Siberian husky

  2. They are escape artists! Known for their independent spirit and ingenuity, the Siberian Husky can outsmart just about any standard fence, gate, or other barricade. And when left to their own devices in the house or yard, they can be destructive if left uncrated

  3. They saved Nome, Alaska! It's true, in 1925 the children of Nome came down with a deadly illness. With a very specific cure, the closest medicine was 1000 miles away! While trains took the medicine part of the way, a team of Husky sled dogs trekked over 600 miles with the important pills and saved countless lives in the town

  4. Contrary to popular belief you can house break a Husky! The sooner you start the better as they are typically a challenging breed to be housebroken. But with patience and consistency, any healthy Husky can be trained. TO make things a little easier try out the Ding Dog Bells System found here

  5. Shed happens! Husky's have a gorgeous double coat, but that also means you'll find remnants of that coat everywhere. Once or twice a year the Husky will undergo a process called "blowing coat". As long as you brush frequently though, it can be manageable. Of course, nothing will stop the inevitable blizzard of gray, white, and black fur from blowing through your house.

  6. Have a Siberian Husky? Have a bunch of them? Tell us about some interesting things they do by using the comments below or tweeting at us: @HotDogCollars

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