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Top 10 Biggest Myths About Dogs INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 03/17/15 1:18 PM

Tweet: INFOGRAPHIC - Top 10 Biggest Myths About Dogs! [Source:]INFOGRAPHIC - Top 10 Biggest Myths About Dogs!

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Here are those myths in text format for easy copy & paste (just be sure to credit us and the sources above):

  1. Dogs See in Black and White - Canine color vision is thought to be similar to red-green colorblindness in humans and dogs can see in blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various shades of gray

  2. Dogs Age 7 Years for Every Human Year - Dogs age faster early in life and then slow as they get older. Plus the breed and size of the dog has a lot to do with aging and lifespan. Small breed can live 15-20 years while larger ones only 7-10. So there is no easy way to tell how “old” your dog is, rather lets focus on how healthy or happy they are

  3. Tug of War Can Cause Aggression - It depends more on the mindset, previous training, and outcome of the “war”. Tug can be used to build confidence in your dog, or humble them. And many dogs simply enjoy the game. Most importantly, if their teeth ever touch your skin during the game, then it should be over immediately

  4. A warm or dry nose means a sick dog - The nose has almost nothing to do with dog health. Unless it’s running or otherwise unusually colored. Focus on other symptoms to tell if your dog is sick, such as excessive panting, swelling, and breathing or eating difficulties

  5. Table scraps are ok for dogs - Would you eat 2 candy bars in one sitting? No, of course not but that is what 1 ounce of cheese is to a dog. Just lots of empty calories and maybe even helping to form bad habits

  6. A wagging tail means a happy dog - Dogs wag their tails for any number of reasons. Other signs are better indicators of intent and mood are posture, baring teeth, neck fur standing up, noise, and more

  7. Eating grass means a dog is sick - This one is simply false. Some dogs just like to eat grass. However if the snacking turns into gorging, talk to your vet

  8. You can’t teach an old dogs new tricks - Absolutely not true! Though their senses may decline as they age, and they may require louder or frequent commands, old dogs can definitely learn new tricks

  9. Female dogs should have at least 1 litter before being spayed - This is anthropomorphism at it’s finest. Dogs don’t think like us in an emotional sense and there is no health benefit. So maybe we would like to have kids before being “fixed”, but dogs don’t care either way

  10. Mutts are always healthier than purebreds - Unfortunately this myth has come about due to irresponsible breeding over many years. While mutts avoid many of the genetic diseases present in some lines of purebreds they are not inherently more healthy. It has more to do with lineage and breeders than just being a purebred dog