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The Zen Dog - How Calm Focus Helps You Train Your Dog

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 05/02/16 3:36 PM

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Tweet:How Zen Your Dog - Simple, effective training tips [Source: Hot Dog Collars] How Zen Your Dog - Simple, Effective Training Tips

If you have a rambunctious little puppy, or even an wiser, older dog, you may have run into some common issues in training them. Sometimes it's just difficult to not only get their attention but also to keep it. Those are obviously important steps to take if you plan to train your dog effectively. We have some simple yet effective methods that can be used not only to begin training your dog, but also can help calm an excessively active, anxious, or energetic dog. Most importantly remember that every dog, like every person, is different. Each method can be modified and adjusted to suit the needs of your pup

Teach Your Dog Calm Focus

Your dog may not respond to your commands if you don't have his attention. You might think you can simply call his name, but he may not listen. Most dogs learn to snub their name because it's used to discipline them. Get him to look at you, and you can successfully train him without raising your voice or repeating commands. Teach him to focus, and you can also get his attention in an emergency. If he looks at you intently, he is less likely to be aggressive to another dog, or chase a cat into the road.

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Calm focus is better than excited focus. When he's calm, he notices your expressions and body language. He easily understands you are about to give a command from the way you raise your eyebrows or nod. You can use a clicker, but the clicker method isn't always reliable. People forget their clickers, and their commands don't work because the expected reward isn't provided. Additionally, they may click at the wrong time. If your timing is off, your dog won't recognize what you want to teach him. You won't need a clicker if you use other methods.

Teach him patience

When you let your dog off the lead, his reward is freedom. Get him to focus on you before letting him run free; he'll learn that paying attention is worthwhile. Ask him to sit, and stand in front of him. Let the leash hang loosely while holding on to the end. You can use a verbal command, like "stay," or hold your hand up with its palm facing your dog, but not close to his face. When he looks at you, let him off the lead immediately. Be patient if he takes a while to learn; he'll get the message eventually. Just repeat the exercise when you take him out on the leash. If he's jumping around excitedly, wait until he's calm before beginning.

play time and speaking to your dogs helps train them
Talk to him

Do you ever talk to your dog when you aren't giving a command? Speak softly to your dog to make him turn toward you and pay attention. When his eyes meet yours, praise him. You can reward him with a biscuit if you want, but treats aren't necessary. He'll still focus on you more often if you respond to desired behavior with approval.

Play with him

Playtime provides opportunities to train your dog to focus. Don't throw his ball until he's clearly focusing on you. You might even teach him to sit while he looks at you. You'll have his undivided attention, but remember you want him to be calm. Wait until he's still and quiet before rewarding him by playing. Also, don't speak to him in an excited tone. If you are calm, your dog will be calm as well. He can race around with his toys when he has them, but make sure he is poised before you hand them over first.

Your efforts will be in vain if you try to train your dog when he hasn't learned to focus. You'll find having his attention valuable when you want to give commands. At the same time, you'll connect with your dog and develop a close bond if you teach him to enjoy watching you for cues.

Training your dog is a process and can take time but the rewards will last a lifetime and pay dividends every day.  After you spend all that time training and teaching, make sure you've got an awwwsome collar! Show off a bit with a hot dog collar and shop by theme here

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