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The Genius Of Dogs - A Book Recommendation

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 06/28/14 12:15 PM

Tweet: My dog is smarter than your baby. Learn just how smart dogs are with this fascinating story [Souce: Hot Dog Collars]The genius of dogs boils down to this: Dogs, unlike any other member of the animal kingdom, have learned to cohabitate and learn from humans.

This fascinating book by Authors Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods takes a look at how our faithful friends have adapted to, and essentially adopted, us humans.

Examining every size, shape, and breed of dogs in a multitude of environments, Authors Hare and Woods take us on stunning journey from wild wolf to beloved family member

What can we learn from dogs in how they interact and socialize?  Or in how they take cues from their social group and adjust their behaviors accordingly?

We've know for some time that we can learn a lot from our dogs.  This book gives us some terrific, concrete examples of just what that education can consist of

Have a smart pup (or three)? Do they do anything that displays their intelligence? Tell us about some of these hot dog behaviros by using the comments below or tweeting at us: @HotDogCollars