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The Doggie Scrapbook: Documenting Your Puppy's First Year

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 10/16/17 5:19 PM

A retriever lying on his photographs taken by his pawrents during special occasions and outingsThe world can sometimes be a complicated and frustrating place; but thankfully all that melts away when you look at your four-legged friend. Dogs are a boundless source of unconditional love and affection. It’s truly amazing how a few minutes of puppy time can turn your whole day around.

So, it’s no surprise that some people choose to photograph and scrapbook their pets. This can either be a physical arts-and-crafts project or a digital hobby via social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Either way, it can be a lot of fun to document your puppy’s life, especially in their first year. Below are a few tips to inspire your doggie scrapbook.

Meeting the Family

If you decide to document the first year of your puppy’s life (or the first year they join your family), then you’ll definitely want to capture him meeting his fellow pack members. Be sure to take lots of photos of your new dog meeting their human siblings and parents, along with pictures of them meeting other dogs or cats you may have in your household.

Want to get creative? Try shooting a family portrait of all your humans in matching clothes and your pets in matching embroidered dog collars! Bonus: this makes a perfect holiday card.

Celebrating the Holidays

A Santa Labrador lying on white carpet floor with Christmas presents and decorated Christmas tree on his backgroundSpeaking of the holidays, you should surely snap images of your puppy during those special times of year. Now, holidays can mean different things to different families. For example, you might prioritize the Fourth of July over Thanksgiving because you love outdoor barbeques, fireworks and the summer heat. So why not snap a few images of your furry companion in patriotic colors?

Go ahead and post images on social media of your dog in a Santa hat for Christmas or in green for Saint Patrick’s Day. Heck, you can even dress up Rex in a dog jersey or sports memorabilia during the Super Bowl or World Series if that’s your thing.

Adventure Time

Another great idea is to take photos of your dog during family vacations or trips to the park. These are perfect opportunities to capture plenty of action shots. Just whip out your camera or smartphone to snap quick shots of your doggo playing fetch, chasing the kids or swimming in the ocean.

If you are crafting a physical scrapbook, you can add plenty of flair to make these photographs come alive. Ideas include mermaid stickers for beach day or construction-paper snowmen for hikes in the cold.

Silly Moments & Habits

Of course, nothing is cuter than images of your dog being themselves. For instance, maybe your dog Dallas sleeps on her back with all four legs in the air; or maybe your golden retriever gives you aggressive side eye when you don’t give her table scraps.

There are probably dozens of moments like this when your dog shows off his or her unique (and often silly) personality. You might see these activities on a daily basis, but it’s probably what you treasure most – so be sure to get these moments on camera.

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