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Special Occasion? Dress Up Skip with a Handsome Pet Collar

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 06/20/16 9:45 AM

Times of celebration call for some new duds. It’s the perfect excuse to buy that dress you’ve been eyeing or to get that boyfriend blazer that has never, ever been on sale. It’s almost as though special occasions call for a new outfit. I mean think about it—wasn’t one of the exciting things about Easter as a kid (a part from the awesome egg hunt) wearing your new Easter outfit to church that Sunday morning? As that old saying goes, “the clothes make the man,” but doesn’t Skip deserve a chance to shine in the spotlight?

hot dogs all dressed up Here at HotDogCollars, we offer proud pet parents a wide selection of pet collars that are perfect for any occasion. Make your doggie friend the toast of the town not just this wedding season, but at every special event in town.

Dress for Success: The Canine Version

If you’ve ever been to a doggie birthday party, then you understand how essential it is that your fur child know how to rock a collar. Pups of every breed enjoy getting attention, to help them get in their fair share of belly rubs and a good chin scratch, dressing them in a stylish collar is really the best way to go. Referred to as peacocking, peacocking is when a person wears a statement piece that draws others in, it’s no different for Skip. Here are some great occasions to get Skip a funky fresh collar.


Everyone knows that the birthday pup absolutely must have a cute outfit to wear on his name day. What sort of collar will really sing, “it’s my birthday!”? That’s an easy one. The collar that screams “today is my day” is the collar that best reflects your dog’s personality. Is your furry friend a relaxed canine? Collars in muted color schemes will reflect his dignified poise. Does your pup love to perform tricks for company? Get her a rhinestone collar that really shines.

When throwing your pooch a birthday party, lifestyle blog PopSugar recommends bringing all of the guests in on the dressing fun too. With puppy party hats for your guests and a new collar fit for a canine king, your dog is going to be one heck of a stylin’ host.


A wedding is all about sharing the love you have for your partner with your friends and family. And as the parents to a fur child, you want your pet to join in on the festivities too! With some careful consideration, you and your fiancé decide to make Skip your doggie ring bearer .

Now comes the time to decide what Skip will wear as he trots down the aisle, and fortunately, it won’t be nearly as “ruff” as finding that wedding dress! Not all dogs “dig” going the route of the doggie tuxedo, and wanting your pooch to be comfortable on the big day, you don’t want to go that way either. Dress up Skip with a simple and sophisticated black leather crystal bone collar or affix a cute little bow tie!


holiday dog collarsThere are A LOT of holidays to be celebrated over the year. There’s the 4 th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas, just to name a few. And now we can dress up Skip for every occasion! Taking him trick-or-treating with the family? There’s the Scary Night collar. Going out on the lake to watch the firework show? There’s the Stars and Stripes collar. The possibilities are endless—you can even plan coordinating outfits!

Our dogs are our family. Why don’t we include them in on our celebrations? We can, and we can do it in style. Find Skip’s chic festive collar today at HotDogCollars.