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Should You Buy a Puppy from a Breeder?

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/28/17 5:23 PM

If you’re new to the concept of dog ownership, understanding the pros and cons of purchasing your new pup from a breeder can be confusing. If your purchase from a reputable breeder, you’re sure to get a pup who looks and acts the part of a noble breed, free from upsetting past experiences that could cause later behavioral issues.

Puppies Waiting to be AdoptedIf you adopt a dog from your local humane society, you’re saving them from a life of abuse and neglect. You’re giving a shelter dog a second chance at life, and they will forever be grateful for that, just as you’re grateful for their companionship.

The question that remains is this: should you buy from a breeder? Here are the benefits and costs of buying your pup versus adopting them.

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-You will get a dog of your desired breed.

-You will be able to see how the pup socializes with its brothers and sisters and the temperament of its parents.

-In getting a dog of a specific breed, you will know what to expect of its personality, agility and intelligence.

-In purchasing your puppy from a reputable breeder, you will get a detailed health history of your puppy’s family tree. This gives you time to learn and understand more about their predispositions, if any.

-You will be your pup’s first (and hopefully only) master. This will make bonding significantly easier.Adopted Dog Feels Better

-Puppies are easy to train, so long as you’re patient and implement positive training methods.

-You can for relationships with your pup’s siblings’ owners, celebrating birthdays and other dog-centric events together.

-You will get to watch your pup grow from adorable puppy to beautiful dog.


-Purebred dogs tend to have more health problems due to inbreeding. Buying a purebred for thousands of dollars could result in thousands more when it comes to vet bills.

-Puppies are a lot of work. A two-month-old puppy will need attention and training. If you are lax in these areas, they will grow up to be an ill-behaved dog.

-3.3 million shelter dogs are euthanized every year. This isn’t because they’re sick or have violent behavioral problems; it’s because shelters simply do not have the room to house them. You could save a life by opting to adopt rather than buy your next dog.

-Buying a puppy from a questionable breeder keeps this breeder in business when there’s a chance they shouldn’t be. Poor breeding conditions can cause significant mental and health issues for the parents and litters.

-Buying a puppy from a breeder can cost upwards of thousands of dollars; adopting a slightly older dog costs next to nothing.

-Breeder may not tell you the health history of your pup, resulting in issues down the road.

There is much to consider when looking to grow your family buy one four-legged member. If you do decide to buy from a breeder, do your research and make sure they put the dogs before their profit.

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