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#LoveTagChip Challenge

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 03/22/15 3:37 PM

A Hot Dog Collars Collaboration With Generation Wags

You love your pet no matter their silly little quirks because they’re YOUR one in a million!  So you’d do anything to keep them safe right?  Every day more pets than you might imagine go missing unexpectedly.  Despite the fact that your pet is “always by your side” the unimaginable can happen in an instant. Read on about how 3 small steps can substantially increase your chances of being reunited should your pet go missing.


Consider these scenarios:


  • An outside gate is left open by a visitor or passerby
  • You’re away from home, disaster strikes, and in the midst of emergency response your pet gets out
  • You’re traveling and in an accident and your pets escape
  • Your pet gets “spooked” by something during a walk and bolts, pulling the leash from your hand
  • A sudden evacuation is necessary and your pets need to be sheltered elsewhere.   In the rush perhaps the proper ID info isn’t transferred with them


These are just a few of some unimaginable ways that your beloved pet could potentially be separated.   If they did what are the chances you would be reunited?   . Introducing the LOVE TAG CHIP Challenge from Generation Wags and sponsor Hot Dog Collars!  The challenge consists of 3 very simple steps.

  1. The combination of a visible tag with your contact info
  2. A microchip that is registered and properly updated with your contact info
  3. POST YOUR PET'S PIC with their tag on our facebook pagetwitter account, the Generation Wags Facebook page, OR on your FB page or Instagram, and tag with #lovetagchip


It is the common belief that should you become separated from your pet that you can just go find them at your local shelter.   But that may or may not be the case.   Your pet may travel miles before a Good Samaritan may pick them up and take them to THEIR local shelter.   Any parent of a missing pet will tell you just how exhaustive and even expensive it is to call out the troops to find a missing pet.  


So take the LOVE TAG CHIP Challenge today!   Commit to putting a visible tag on your pet’s collar (and always keep it on) and microchipping your pet today.   And of course it all starts with LOVE.