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Studs and Rhinestones: Does a Leather Dog Collar Need Embellishments?

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 12/16/16 10:14 AM

We are not want for a lack of choices when it comes to dog collars. Leather dog collars , mesh, polyester—there is a wide selection of choices. We can even accessorize or embellish our dog’s collar with charms, studs, rhinestones: all the bells and whistles. But do our dogs like these embellishments?

leather dog collars Think about what you do and don’t like to wear. Does the watch you wear on your wrist feel constrictive when your job demands you type solidly for eight hours a day? Is the necklace that dangles and catches on things every time you have to bend down to pick something up still worth its beauty and sparkle?

Now think about your active dog. While they’re running at the dog park or swimming at the lake, is their collar serving a purpose or acting as a hindrance? Like so with us, these accessory annoyances depend on the personality type of the dog. Here are three doggie breeds that could do without the extra swag.


Known for its intelligence, fortitude and agility, the Dalmatian was originally bred as a carriage dog to guard and protect the inhabitants and merchandise carried across the plains by horse-drawn carriages. Now synonymous with riding inside the big red fire truck, Dalmatians are loyal companion animals with a playful and animated disposition.

The Dalmatian’s desire for play and adventure demands an accessory that will not inhibit his movements. A collar weighed down by charms will only get in the way when he’s trying to retrieve a ball from the roots of a thicket of bushes and cause him to get entangled in the branches, potentially hurting him as he works to wriggle free. A flat leather collar with only a name tag is all the Dalmatian needs to express himself and where he belongs.

Irish Setter

beautiful irish setter An active and highly-energetic dog breed, the Irish Setter lives to run. Bred for tracking and retrieving, Irish Setters still have a bit of wanderlust flowing through their veins and demand plenty of exercise and agility training to keep their minds occupied.

A loyal family dog, the Irish Setter has no need for ornaments or trinkets to express its spunky personality. Irish Setters require a little extra patience and treat baiting when it comes to obedience training. To keep them from getting distracted from the outside, avoid adorning their collars with jingle-jangly charms. As Irish Setters have long hair, a rolled leather collar would fit them most comfortably with an engraved, sewn nameplate. No one wants to have their hair pulled!

Shetland Sheepdog

Bred to keep hungry birds at bay off the coast of Scotland, Shetland Sheepdogs today are a playful four-legged family member. Independent and extraordinarily intelligent, Shetland Sheepdogs require exercise and brain teaser toys to keep them feeling good and happy.

Like the Irish Setter, Shetland Sheepdogs have long hair, requiring a collar that fits comfortably and will have minimum hair pull. The rolled leather dog collar will keep from yanking on their fur when they’re out running in the yard or hiking along a camping trail with their beloved owner.

A dog’s physical activity will dictate what type collar will work best with their lifestyle. For the active dog, the leather dog collar is by far the best choice. Peruse a wide selection of leather dog collars with Hot Dog Collars today.