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How to use a dog tag silencer

06/13/22 10:30 AM

Do you enjoy the jingle jangle your dog’s ID tags every time they move? Or does the constant clatter drive you nuts?

If you’re not a fan of the noise metal dog tags make, then the dog tag silencer could be just what you need. Here’s what you need to know about them.

how to use a dog tag silencer

What is a Dog Tag Silencer?

Tag silencers stop metal dog ID tags from hitting each other and making noise. Many dog owners love tag silencers because the noise from their dog’s tags can be disturbing, especially at night when trying to sleep. Tag silencers also help protect ID tags from scratches and regular wear and tear.

Tag silencers come in a few different designs. Fitted tag silencers may be designed to work with certain models of dog tags only, so double check that any fitted dog tag silencer you buy will actually fit your dog’s tag.

How to Use a Dog Tag Silencer

How to use your tag silencer depends on what kind you have.

Some tag silencers (including the ones we carry at Hot Dog Collars) are made of stretchy silicone and are designed to fit snugly around the edge of the dog tag. Each tag silencer goes with one tag at a time, and it’s the same shape and size of the tag. This design leaves the tags visible and doesn’t add weight or bulk to your dog’s collar. To attach this type of tag silencer to your dog’s tag, first remove your dog’s tag from their collar then insert the dog tag into the silencer, making sure to line up the hole of the tag with the hole of the silencer, and finally stretch the rest of the silencer around the edges of the tag. Reattach the tag to your dog’s collar.

Some other tag silencers are little bags or pouches, which accommodate more than one tag at once. To use this kind of silencer, place your dog’s tag(s) inside the pouch snugly as directed and attach the pouch to your dog’s collar.

Another popular type of tag silencer is a clear cover in silicone or soft plastic that can fit multiple tags (usually up to three) at once and attaches to the dog’s collar. To use this kind of silencer, slide your dog’s tag(s) into the cover, making sure they’re secure and that the hole of the tag(s) and hole of the cover line up, and attach to your dog’s collar.

Dog Tag Silencers from Hot Dog Collars

At Hot Dog Collars, we carry dog tag silencers in different shapes and sizes to fit our most popular dog tags. The dog tag circle silencer fits circle-shaped designer ID tags and comes in black, blue, pink, and glow-in-the-dark. The dog tag bone silencer fits bone-shaped designer ID tags and comes in glow-in-the-dark. The heart sports tag silencer also glows in the dark and fits our heart-shaped NFL, NCAA, and MLB dog tags.

A supplement or alternative to the dog ID tag and silencer is a personalized dog collar. Include your contact information directly on your dog’s collar so it’s always with them, even if you get separated. We are all about personalization at Hot Dog Collars and carry 186 different designs of collars that can be personalized for your dog! Check out our huge selection of customizable dog collars here.