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How To Train Your Dog - The Basics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 12/28/15 10:49 AM

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So you got a new dog, or maybe it's just finally time to teach that old dog some new tricks. Whatever the reason, training your dog not only gives you control and peace of mind, but can actually be healthier for the dog. Besides the obvious physical aspects of being well trained, there is much to be said about maintaining good mental health for your pup. When they know who the pack leader is and can follow your instructions, they experience less anxiety, fear, and stress. Which in turn means fewer instances of undesirable behavior such as barking, scratching, and chewing

We've compiled a list of 5 very easy tips to help you get the most out of training sessions with your dogs. Check them out here and be sure to share your tips below in the comments:

5 tips to get started training your dog

Here are the tips in text format for easy copy & paste (just be sure to list us and the sources above as a reference):

1 - First and foremost, make sure that your dog is in good physical shape and has no issues that would cause him to be injured before attempting to train any new tricks. If you’re unsure, consult with your vet.

2 - To get the most out of your sessions, make sure your dog is hungry before training. He’ll be more into you and the food. For non-food-oriented dogs, use a toy that only shows up during your training sessions.

3 - Be fast! Reward immediately when the dog does what you’re looking for. If you’re too slow, you’ll miss the opportunity to mark the correct behavior.

4 - Wait to use a cue word until your dog is doing the exact behavior you want. Otherwise you’ll be labeling incomplete learning and confusing your dog as to what the command actually means. Until that point, use a marker word such as “Yes” to mean “You did it right and food is coming.”

5 - Reps count. When teaching your dog a new trick, try to do four reps before moving to the next progression. Feel free to mix up the progressions you are working on to keep your dog’s interest.