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How to put a dog tag on a dog collar

01/13/22 11:08 AM

Dog ID tags are important for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind. If your dog were ever to be separated from you unexpectedly, the information on their ID tag could help get them back home to you. But you might be wondering how to put a dog tag on your dog’s collar. Here’s how.


How to put a dog tag on your dog’s collar

Collars typically come with a metal ring that’s different from the metal ring the leash attaches to, and that’s where the dog ID tag goes. But how to attach it depends on the attachment mechanism of the dog tag.

Some dog tags come with an S-hook, which is simple and effective but does require a little work to attach correctly. Simply hook the end of the S-hook onto the metal ring and then use pliers to tighten the ends of the hook so it’s securely attached to the collar and the tag can’t fall off.

Other dog tags come with a split ring, which is a small metal ring like the kind you commonly find on keychains. Just like putting a key on your keychain, you can attach your dog’s ID tag to their collar with a split ring by opening up one end of the split ring, threading it onto the metal ring of the collar, and twisting it until it’s fully attached.

Another less common, but even more secure, type of attachment is a locking carabiner or clip style attachment specifically made for securing dog tags, likethis one, which you can buy separately. These come in many shapes but generally consist of two metal loops, one to clip onto the dog collar’s ring, the other to attach dog ID tags to. The benefit of this is that you can change out your dog’s ID tags more easily than with the other types of attachments, and they’re more secure than S-hooks.

Which dog id tag is best?

The best dog ID tag is one that’s sturdy, large enough to contain all the information you want on it, and easy to read.

At Hot Dog Collars, we have over 260 different dog tags ready to personalize for your dog. From lightweightpaw-shaped dog tags toglow-in-the-dark dog tags to fun dog tags withextra bling, we have the right dog ID tag to suit your dog’s personality.

As a backup (or alternative) to dog ID tags, you can have your dog’s important information printed right on their collar. So even if, somehow, their dog tag falls off, their information stays with them. At Hot Dog Collars, we have over 150 styles of dog collar that can bepersonalized with your telephone number and/or dog’s name for extra security!

Make sure your dog always has an ID

A dog ID tag is only useful when it’s actually attached to your dog’s collar, so if you’ve been holding off on putting on that dog tag, do it today! It’s quick and easy to do and will give you instant peace of mind.