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How to measure a dog for a harness

03/16/22 4:00 PM

How to measure a dog harness for your dog

What size dog harness should you buy for your dog? Small, medium, large? It can be tough to tell. While you can pick a size based on your dog’s weight and breed, it’s even better to measure your dog in order to get the right dog harness size. The right size is important because too large and you won’t have good control over your dog on the leash, too small and it could be uncomfortable for your dog and possibly even cause injury. This can all be avoided with the dog harness that’s the right size for your dog.

Luckily, measuring your dog for a harness is quick and easy to do.

How do I measure my dog for a dog harness?

Measuring your dog for a dog harness is simple. You just need a soft tape measure and a relaxed dog who’s standing up. First, measure around the base of the neck, which is where the front part of the harness sits on your dog. Then measure around the chest right behind the front legs.

Refer to these measurements when looking at the sizing chart for the dog harness you plan to buy to determine the right size for your dog. Sizing varies by manufacturer, so be sure to check anytime you buy a new harness.

Which kind of dog harness is best – step-in or standard?

There’s a debate among dog lovers about which type of dog harness is best: step-in dog harnesses and roman dog harnesses, also called standard dog harnesses. Step-in dog harnesses are easier to put on, since all your dog has to do is step into the holes for the front legs, and then you clip it together. But that’s not to say that roman dog harnesses are difficult to put on; they’re just a little trickier to get the hang of.

What matters more than the style of the harness is where the clip for the leash is. Many dog trainers and owners feel that a dog harness with the D-ring for the leash in the front, on your dog’s chest, is better because it gives you more control. This is especially important if one of your main reasons for choosing a harness over a collar is for training purposes. The downside is that your dog’s legs can more easily get tangled with this arrangement. Dog harnesses with the D-ring for the leash on the back don’t provide the same level of control but are easy and the chances of your dog getting tangled up in the leash are very low.

And some harnesses come with D-rings on both the back and at the front, so you don’t have to choose!

Choosing the right dog harness for your dog

Whether you opt for a step-in dog harness or a roman dog harness, you’ll find over 900 dog harnesses in different sizes and styles at Hot Dog Collars. From leather studded dog harnesses to patriotic dog harnesses in red, white, and blue to holiday-themed dog harnesses, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your dog at Hot Dog Collars!