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How to measure a dog collar for your dog

01/14/22 11:41 AM

Finding the right collar for your dog is important for your dog’s safety and comfort, and for your peace of mind. The best collar is one that fits well and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time while secure enough to stay on even if your dog pulls. If you want to find the right sized collar for your dog, here’s how to measure your dog for a collar with the perfect fit.

How to measure a dog collar for your dog

How to measure a dog collar for your dog

Take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your dog’s neck to find the circumference, then add from 1-3 inches to that number to ensure the collar won’t be too tight. For small dogs, add 1 inch; medium dogs, 2 inches; and large dogs, 3 inches. Then check the sizing chart for the dog collar you’re looking at buying, as sizes vary by manufacturer. If your dog is right on the edge between two sizes, pick the larger one.

Where on your dog’s neck should you measure for their collar? At the place on the neck where the collar will sit. Many owners place the collar low, around the base of the neck, which is fine as long as it’s snug enough not to come off. But many dog trainers say that higher up on the neck is better, as it gives you more control when walking and training your dog. Certain types of collars, like Martingale collars for dogs with slim necks like greyhounds, should always be worn up high on the neck.

Why the right size dog collar is so important

A dog collar that’s the wrong size can be a dangerous thing. Too big, and it can slip off, allowing your dog to run off, and is more likely to get caught on things, which can lead to choking. Too small, and it can become painful, rubbing against their skin to the point of hair loss. In extreme cases, the collar can dig into the neck, leading to wounds that can become easily infected. Making sure your dog’s collar fits right isn’t just a matter of comfort, but safety, too!

How do you know when your dog’s collar is the right fit? When you can slip two fingers between the collar and your dog’s fur.

Which dog collar is best?

The best dog collar is one that’s sturdy, fits your dog well, and meets all your needs.

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