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Just Wear It! How to Coax Your Pooch into Wearing Dog-Friendly Clothes

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 11/17/16 2:37 PM

Ever wonder what thoughts run through your dog’s head when you dress her up in custom dog clothes ? dog clothesSome dogs seem to love a sweater, but yours walks around head bowed with her tail between her legs. Why is it that Darren and Phillip’s human can dress them up in all kinds of outfits but your dog gets spooked when you make her wear a paper crown on her birthday? To get an idea of the day in the life of a dog, here’s what we imagine goes down in a two-dog home.

SCENE: A puppy watches its owners scramble about the house with orange pumpkins and strung up black-winged bat garlands. The puppy is very interested in all of the movement, while the senior dog of the house decides to exit the room quietly and lie down in her parents’ closet.

Puppy: “Hey! Where ya goin’?”

Senior Dog: “To the quiet place. I’ve seen this all before and I don’t like what comes of it.”

Puppy: “But we have new toys to play with! Did you see the size of that giant ball the hooman was carrying? And did you, did you see that long black rope? We’re going to have the best game of tug-of-war ever!!

Senior Dog: Looks at the puppy deploringly “Those aren’t toys.”

Puppy: “Yes they are!” Let’s play! Come on!” The puppy lightly swats her paw at the older dog .

Senior Dog: Don’t do that! I’m not in the mood. If you think those are toys, go and chew on them, see what the hoomans say.” Senior Dog starts to saunter up the stairs .

Human: “Molly! Maggie! Come here! Treats!”

Maggie: “TREATS?! COME ON, Molly! We’re getting foodies!” Puppy bounds away to the voice of her owner.

Molly: Thinking, “It has begun.”

SCENE II: Sharp, high barks emit from the young pup as she jumps up and down, up and down for the treat her human has hidden in her hand.

Human 1: “Okay, Maggie, okay. Hold on. Do you have their costumes?”

Human 2: “Yep. I’ll put Molly in hers while Maggie is distracted. Molly! Come!”

Molly: Thinking, “Oh no, not again. Please not again.”

Human 2: “Look at your cool lion costume, Molly! Come on. Let’s put it on.”

Molly: Thinking, “A cat is a cat, no matter its size. How embarrassing. That gray squirrel had better not see me in this.”

Human 2: Struggling getting Molly in the costume “Come on, Molly, let me get it on.”

Human 1: “All done!” Maggie, dressed in her lion cub costume is sniffing around the floor looking for more treats.

Molly: “You traitor.”

Maggie: “What? The hoomans give food. Besides, I feel warm now.” Maggie hunkers down to the floor at the human’s feet.

Human 1: “Alright, girls! It’s time to smile for Instagram!”

The END.

So how do you get your fur children into their costumes and custom dog clothes? Reward them with treats! For more doggie items, visit Hot Dog Collars today.