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Food & Drinks at Your Next BBQ That Could Kill Your Dog...

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 05/03/14 8:00 PM

Tweet: These 5 things you find at a BBQ could kill your dog...[Source: HotDogCollars] Some very common foods can be dangerous or even fatal to your dog. Learn those foods here and be sure to share with anyone who may be caring for your dog

  • Alcohol - Sure this one seems obvious but we've seen a lot of pictures out there of dogs next to beers. Even small amounts of alcohol can be dangerous and beer is twice as harmful due to the hops

  • Sugar Free Gum, Candy, & Other Products - The sugar substitute used in many of these products, Xylitol, is so toxic to dogs that fatal symptons can begin appearing within 15 minutes after ingestion

  • Chocolate - This is (thankfully) becoming more widely known. The darker the chocolate in general, the more dangerous. With baking and semi-sweet forms being the most lethal

  • Avocado - How can something so good for us be so bad for dogs? It's true though, a substance called Persin is toxic to dogs, AND the seed is big enough to cause intestinal blockage if swallowed whole

  • Onions - This is a sneaky one as the symptoms can appears as long as a few days after ingestion. The issue with Onions is something called Thiosulphate. All forms of Onions and even Onion Powder are big time no-no's for dogs

What other foods do you know of that are dangerous for dogs? What experiences have you had with your pets ingesting harmful foods and drinks? Share with us and our readers in the comments below