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Five Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/12/16 2:56 PM

Exercise, it's good for you and it's good for your dog. So why not combine the two together? Working out with your dog is simultaneously a good way to stay in shape, and a great way to make your canine friend happy. Having a beloved companion along with you as you exercise can make for a more enjoyable experience as well. Plus, dogs are creatures of habit. Once they get used to an exercise routine, they'll expect it -- making it harder for you to cop out. So check out these five valuable workouts you can do with your dog.


run with your dog Perhaps the best exercise you can do with your dog, running has fantastic benefits for both of you. For dogs it is one of the most efficient ways to burn off a canine's pent-up energy, while for a human running provides an excellent, heart-friendly cardiovascular workout. Running also provides a fantastic opportunity to get out and explore the outdoors.


A more relaxed alternative to running, there's a great chance you already regularly walk with your dog. While it may not offer the same intensive cardiovascular workout as running, a walk is still very good for your health. Walking's slower pace can also make it ideal for older dogs -- or older humans. Plus, walking can be more enjoyable than other exercises, as it provides a better chance to enjoy nature.


There's no need to stick to the land -- the water offers plenty of opportunities for exercise with your pooch as well. Swimming will provide you and your pet with a quality, low-impact, full-body cardio workout. Just make sure that you're dog is a strong swimmer -- or, if he's not, equip him with a doggy life preserver. swim with your dogyAside from swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding (among other water activities) can also be participated in by both dog and owner.


While the classic form of fetch might only provide a workout for your canine partner, there's no reason the game can't be modified so you both benefit. The simplest way might be to throw in some squats, lunges, or other basic exercises while you wait for your dog to return. Or, you could even try racing your pet for the ball or stick you've thrown. Many dogs will find this more competitive version of fetch much funner anyway.


Riding a bicycle while your dog runs alongside you can be perfect if your pet is on the rambunctious side. If your dog is so energetic that you have a hard time keeping up with him while running, cycling is a great solution. With the use of a bike, an owner who gets tired quickly can still exercise with their pet. In addition, cycling is an excellent aerobic workout.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Humans, it turns out, aren't really so different. Research has discovered that people who get enough exercise are less likely to experience anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. On the animal side of things, many dogs that exhibit behavioral problems (such as chewing on the furniture) do so only because they aren't getting nearly enough exercise. So do yourself and your canine companion a favor by starting a habit of exercising together.