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Every Dog Owner Should Know This Before Boarding Their Dog

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 01/18/16 9:44 AM

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At some point, there will come a time when you have to travel and cannot take your dog with you. Though you may have no choice but to leave your dog behind, you will want to be sure that your dog has a comfortable, safe place to stay while you are away. If you are considering dog boarding, make sure you find out about the following before making a reservation for your dog.

making your dog comfortable while boarding
Living Space

It is important that you take a look at the temporary living space where your dog will be staying. Ensure the boarding kennel’s environment is neat, odor-free and organized by taking a tour of the facility. Take a look at the cages or runs. Unless your dog is crate-trained, being boarded in a cage may cause anxiety for your dog. Moreover, if you have an older dog with arthritis, then more room will be needed so your dog can move around. If you want your dog to stay more comfortably, a boarding facility with upscale boarding will be more suitable.


At some dog boarding facilities, dogs are only let out two times a day for a couple of minutes at one time. This might not be a problem if this is what your dog is used to. However, if you take your dog for a walk thrice or more times daily, then you should look for boarding facility that lets out the dogs more often. Also find out whether the dogs are walked around by attendants or whether there is a fenced-in area for the dogs to roam around.

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The new environment may be stressful for your dog, and a change in diet will only add to that stress, potentially leading to diarrhea or vomiting in your dog. You can prevent this if you bring your dog’s regular food and stress the importance that they feed your dog only the regular food that you provide. If there are things your dog is not supposed to eat, make sure you let the boarding facility know about it.


At some dog boarding facilities, daily sessions are offered where the dogs are allowed to play with each other off-leash. Although this may be fun and a great exercise for your dog, it is not without risks. No matter how well dogs get along with each other, a group environment can result in over-stimulation and lead to dog fights. Ask the facility whether or not the dogs are heavily monitored and how many dogs are permitted to play together simultaneously.

Injury Or Sickness

The daily habits of the dogs should be monitored at the boarding facility. The facility should keep a log of appetite, defecation, urination and water intake. They should also note any abnormal activity such as diarrhea or vomiting. Some boarding facilities tend to be part of a veterinary hospital, while others may not be. Find out where dogs are taken if and when they become sick and whether they will be willing to take your dog to your own vet if medical attention is needed.


If you have a dog, then planning for a vacation will also mean that you will have to budget for your dog’s boarding. Be direct and ask the boarding facility how much base boarding fee they will charge per day based on your dog’s breed and size. Make sure you find out about any add-ons or hidden costs, such as fees to administer medications, feed your dog a special diet or to take your dog for additional walks. If possible, attempt to get a written estimate beforehand.

2 puppies Make sure you make sure reservation as early as possible. Waiting too long may result in the facility becoming fully booked. Once you are ready to board your dog at the facility, make sure you bring her food too and any other items that are allowed. Boarding dogs will certain personal items is often limited since they can get damaged or lost, so avoid bringing anything you may need to get back. Make sure the dog boarding facility has your contact numbers if they need to reach you while you are on your trip. Once your dog is boarded, you can relax, enjoy your vacation and be sure that your have left your dog in good hands.

No matter where you board your dog or for how long, make sure you have all the necessary protection in place should th eunthinkable happen. That being the dog escapes or is misplaced. Start with our Pet ID Tags or try out our line of personalized dog collars