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Dogs and Cats Living Together...Can It Be Done?

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 07/30/18 4:51 PM

Can cats and dogs be friends? Cats and dogs have been known to feud just as long as the Hatfield's and McCoy's but that doesn't necessarily mean that all dogs and cats are predestined to hate each other. There are some breeds of dogs that are more suitable for families that want to have a dog and a cat.

It's not really hatred that starts the fight between the two. Their social behavior is the problem. Cats tend to hang back and take their time getting to know people and other animals. Dogs, on the other hand, run up to you and get all up in your business.

This social action of dogs immediately makes the cat perceive danger and they hiss and spat at this behavior. The cat will usually run which in turns makes the dog want to chase.

When a cat runs, it's like waving a red cape in front of a bull. It's a natural instinct for them both, however, with proper training from humans, dogs and cats can and will get along. In many cases, they really do become friends and love to spend time together.

There are eleven breeds of dogs that have a temperament that is more suitable for cat owners. When choosing a dog to get along with your cat you should choose from this list:

Golden and Labrador Retrievers Bichon Frise King Charles Spaniel Papillon Maltese Pug Basset Hound Boxer Newfoundland Pomeranian Sheltie

The reasons all dog breeds are not suitable to live with cats could be because they are good for hunting, racing, fighting, etc. Below is a list of dog breeds that should not be expected to get along with cats:

Hunting dogs Terriers Whippet Afghan Borzoi Greyhound Siberian Husky Elkhound Alaskan Malamute Samoyed Pit Bull

11 breeds of dogs that like catsTeaching your dog to get along with your cat is not as hard as you might think. If your dog sees you holding and petting a cat they will assume it's not an enemy. Let them sniff the cat and give them instructions depending on what vocabulary your dog understands.

Many dogs understand enough verbal commands to learn how to behave around cats. Teaching the cat to accept the dog may be a little bit harder. The easiest way to have a cat and dog accept each other is to get either the cat or the dog as a baby. Almost all animals understand that puppies and kittens pose no threat and therefore there are usually no problems.

Dogs and cats that are domesticated can and will get along with the proper guidance and the training will go a lot easier if your dog is one of the eleven breeds of dogs that get along with cats.