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Dog Training Tips INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 03/27/15 11:06 AM

Tweet: INFOGRAPHIC - Top 10 Things You Need To Know As A New Pet Parent [Source:]INFOGRAPHIC - Top 10 Things You Need To Know As A New Pet Parent !

Check out the tips below or head on over to our Dog Training Center for some hand picked gear to help train your pups

Just got a dog? need some help? Here are some quick tips to get you and your new family member off on the right paw

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Here are those tips in text format for easy copy & paste (just be sure to credit us and the sources above):

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR DOG - Learn the signs of discomfort, aggression, anxiety, playfulness, and more

  2. BE GENEROUS WITH YOUR AFFECTION - Don’t just focus on the negative, be sure to have fun with your dog. Play with them, hug them, pet them, and make sure they know they’re a “good dog”

  3. DOES THE DOG REALLY LIKE IT? Toys, treats, food, playtime, every dog is different. Don’t assume they like it just because the package or ad said they would. /span>

  4. SAY YES NOT NO - INstead of telling the dog “no” instead tell them what they should do instead. Such as sit, stay, lay down, or something else instead of “no, dont do that”

  5. BE CONSISTENT - Everyone in the house needs to send the same message. Whether it’s where the dog is allowed to go, what and when they eat, or any other routine. Dogs LOVE routine!

  6. BE REALISTIC - Training a dog takes time, especially if you are attempting to change a natural behavior of theirs. Give the dog time to learn and make sure you are expecting a realistic outcome

  7. USE HIGH QUALITY FOOD - Garbage in = garbage out. It is true for humans and it’s true for dogs. The little bit of extra money spent on good food will save you money at the vet later on

  8. IF YOU WANT IT, REINFORCE IT - Want your dog to stop barking to get you to throw the toy? Then stop throwing it when the dog barks. Dogs learn through repetition and reinforcement. If the dog is doing the behavior you want, make sure they know it

  9. EWARDS DON’T HAVE TO JUST BE TREATS - Dogs respond to praise, petting, games, exercise, and more. You don’t just need to give a treat every time a dog does something good. Most of the time, a nice scratching or “good dog” will do just as well

  10. LET THEM BE FREE - But not too much too soon! Dogs need to learn about what is acceptable behavior and locations in each room of your house. Start out in a few rooms only and gradually open up others to them