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Dog Friendly Flooring Options

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 02/29/16 10:20 AM

what is the best flooring when you have a dog

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Dogs are often your floor's worst enemy. Dirty paw marks, scratches and pee stains are not good for any kind of floor. If you are a proud dog owner who happens to be doing some remodeling around the house, you may want to think about these dog-friendly floor options if you want to enjoy your dog while still having a clean floor.

Dogs are destroying my floors

  1. Bamboo - Bamboo is great because it is sustainable but it is also a very hardy type of flooring so it means your dog can't easily leave scratch marks on it and it can easily stand up to different kinds of traffic. Bamboo is a great alternative if you want hardwood flooring. Bamboo is also stain resistant which is great news if you have puppies that are not yet potty-trained running around the house.

  2. Stone Tiles - Stone tiles are very easy to clean, hardy and doesn't scratch easily. Even if the tiles get scratched, they don't show easily. They can be pretty cold to walk on, especially during the winter, so it is best if you are planning on having heated floors or you can make sure that your dogs do not sleep directly on the floor.

  3. Vinyl - Vinyl is affordable and can take a beating making it a great option for dog owners who want a budget-friendly flooring option. Vinyl tiles are also scratch resistant, very easy to maintain, and is not a source of allergens unlike wood or bamboo flooring.

  4. Laminate - Like vinyl, laminate flooring is also very affordable, very easy to install and mimics the appearance of wood and other expensive flooring. Because it is a synthetic type of flooring it is easy to clean and is designed to be scratch and stain-proof as well.

  5. Cork - Cork is a natural and sustainable option like bamboo that also has excellent sound deadening properties. If you live with dogs with lots of energy, cork is an excellent flooring option that will allow your pooch to move around the house without a sound. Cork also has antimicrobial properties which means that it can prevent the growth of molds and other allergens that your dog may carry inside the house.

  6. These are the most popular flooring options for your home if you have a dog. Hardy, scratch resistant, with options for both natural and synthetic flooring, you can enjoy clean, scratch free floors and still allow your furry friends to roam freely around the house without any worries. Have any experience picking out, or living with different types of flooring and your dogs? Tell us your thoughts, feedback, and ideas by using the comments below or tweeting at us: @HotDogCollars

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