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Dog Collars: Every Fashionable Pup’s Staple Accessory

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 05/23/16 9:06 AM

Dog collars do for dogs what a smart outfit does for people. Like the outfit, a collar expresses the style, funk and temperament of its canine wearer. And to be honest, it also shows off some of the personality of the owner too. Maybe you’ve noticed this, but some dogs are their owner’s furry counterparts!

But to get to the meat of the issue here. A truly responsible pet owner doesn’t let their dog go out of the house without a decent collar. The dog collar, like the human wallet, holds all of the dog’s personal identification tags. If your pup should get off leash or escape the backyard, tags will help them get back home. At HotDogCollars, we bring you collars of all colors and styles to help make your fur child really stand out.

Finding the Best Fit: The Stylin’ Pooch

dog collars Like people, dogs come with their own unique personalities and quirks. There’s the dog who loves swimming with her human at the lake. There’s the mutt who cuddles up with his favorite feline friend every night after dinner. There’s the pup who gets self-conscious when she spots you watching her howl at the passing fire engines in the street. It’s these sweet moments that tell us what’s important to our dogs.

To personify their free spirits, we fit them with collars communicating their personas through color and material. The pink, rhinestone-encrusted collar worn by by the blonde miniature poodle tells us she’s the princess of the family. The camouflage buckle collar worn by the floppy-eared bloodhound tells us he and his human like a walk in the woods. Then there’s the no frills, no fuss red nylon collar, worn by the active black lab found at the right side of her human.

The point is, every dog deserves to be loved for who they are, and one way of doing that is by adorning them with collars that help to introduce themselves to family, friends and passers-by.

Collar Types

The Humane Society of the United States reports that there are three types of the traditional or regular dog collar: The Flat, Martingale and Head collar.

The Flat Collar: The customary collar for dogs, the flat collar has a quick-release buckle or snap with a ring for attaching your pet’s ID tags.

The Martingale Collar: Best for dog breeds with narrow heads, the martingale is a limited-slip collar. This collar works best for pups who don’t like wearing collars and try to take them off.

The Head Collar: For the active and rambunctious dog, this collar fits around the dog’s neck, behind the soft ears and comes to make a loop around his muzzle. The head collar is not for everyday wear. It’s a tool to help train your pup not to lead on those daily walks.

Each of the above three collars fit an array of personality types, from the droopy-eyed napper to the excited digger. You love your pup and they love you. Dress them up or down with a collar from HotDogCollars. Check out our selection of dog collars and accessories today!