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Compilation of Military Service Members Reuniting With Their Dogs

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/21/15 10:06 AM

These videos are guaranteed to tug at your heart strings as we watch some of our favorite "reunion" videos.  Our service members make sacrifices so that we can live in peace and safety.  But often time we forget that these heros are people just like us, with families and dogs(!) that miss them dearly.  An average military deployment is 6-9 months but they can sometimes last years!  Watch as these brave men and women are welcomed home by perhaps their most loyal of fans, thir dogs. Be sure to check out our RUFF Program to see how we are partnering with Pets For Patriots in support of our Armed Forces service members.

Marine Reunites With BombSniffing Dog After 4 Years

This Dog Cries It Is So Happy

A Surprise Reunion With The Dog He Served With!

Racing Into The Arms Of A Soldier

This Puppy REALLY Missed Her Solider Dad