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Chewers Choice: 4 Chew Toys That'll Give Your Pup a Run for Your Money

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 10/26/17 5:18 PM

Naughty Dog is alone at home. Retriever destroyed the poor mesh toy.When you shop online for dog toys, you might see dozens of options for novelty plushies and stuffed animal squeak toys. While these toys are super cute, you know they are too soft to last even an afternoon with your dog. Your pup is a chewer, after all.

If you don’t want a living room full of torn up polyester and stuffing, you’ll need to find a stronger, more durable dog toy.

Below are a few suggestions for dependable, enduring chew toys. These are sure to delight your favorite hound dog while also keeping your home free from debris.

Air Kong Squeaker Stick

Instead of constantly buying new toys for your doggo, you should give the Air Kong Squeaker Stick a shot. This fetch toy loads of fun! Built from the same high quality, durable synthetic material as a standard tennis ball, this wacky plaything bounces erratically as your dog chases it around. Not to mention that it floats, squeaks and is easy to clean.

So go ahead and check out the Air Kong Squeaker Stick. Isn’t it about time you gave our dog something to really sink her teeth into?

Peanut Butter-Filled Bones

Everyone knows that dogs love peanut butter; which is probably why there are so many YouTube videos of dogs eating the delightful delicacy.

The peanut butter-filled bone will occupy your pet for hours as she tries to lick up every last bit. And since the outside of the bone is tough, it is a reliable toy that is great for building strong teeth. You can even refill the bone with peanut butter yourself to really make the toy last. No bones to pick here, just a savory-sweet treat your pup will love.

Treat-Dispensing Ball

A similar idea to the PB bone is the treat-dispensing ball. Essentially, this toy is a ball with a tiny hole in it where owners can insert kibble or treats. As your furry friend throws, bites and plays with the ball, little pieces of food fall out.

This is useful for two reasons: First, it makes for hours of playtime. Second, it ensures that your dog doesn’t overeat or eat too quickly, thereby preventing tummy troubles.

Examples of treat dispensers include the Extreme Kong Dog Toy or the Nose-It Treat Dispenser. The outsides of these toys are incredibly hardy, meaning they will last for years.

The Classic Rope Toy

A baby retriever biting the rope toy.Last but not least is the classic rope. This toy is an all-time favorite for pets and pet owners because it is ideal for tug of war, catch or fetch. It’s easy to carry around and very resilient.

Of course, the classic rope has diversified over the years. Now you can find rope toys with hard rubber chew toys, balls or even plushies attached. Then again, you might want to avoid the stuffed toys for your chewer.

So the next time you want to buy a toy for little rascal, visit Hog Dog Collars. We have the best selection of durable toys, dog collars and pet accessories.